In the city of Phoenix it’s an unbearable 112 degrees Fahrenheit right now. You could fry an egg on any one of the cars parked outside the City of Grace Worship Center but inside, people are interceding.

Inspired by my book Red Moon Rising, believers across Arizona have joined together to pray continually throughout 2008, under the leadership of Deb, a former accountant, and a 22-year-old recent graduate. Week by week the baton of non-stop prayer has been passing from church to church since January. Deb’s already put more than 2500 miles on her car this year, driving between prayer rooms. One week it’s the Lutherans interceding followed by a University group, then an African-American or Spanish language church. All kinds of Christians are joining together in a year of unbroken, statewide prayer that must surely move the heart of the Lord who promised to pour out his blessing when his people unite in agreement. The passion is wonderful to see. Pastors in traditional denominations seem to me to be blinking in amazement as they find their congregations praying every minute of every hour of every day for an entire week!

We have reason to believe that, when the Superbowl came to Arizona recently, this climate of prayer made all the difference. In a dream God warned Deb of impending disaster in a specific location near the stadium on the big day. Obediently, she went to the location the night before the Superbowl and prayed preemptively against violence. The next day the sporting contest passed without problems, and then the police announced that they had arrested a man, armed to the teeth. They had intercepted him in the very location where Deb had been told to pray. The would-be killer confessed that he was planning to shoot as many of the people at the Superbowl that day as he could possibly find. The newspapers reported that he had experienced a sudden and unexplained ‘change of heart’.