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22 November 2008

Customized worship

It's funny how God uses the individual. Because he customizes us. Genuine, hand-crafted, womb-woven, 100% pure God approved. So did God create little "Me Monsters" in the making?

It could turn out that way IF the call wasn't to "come and die" and to "lay down our crowns at the feet of Jesus". It's tough not be selfish with accessories God has given us. Because they are cool customizations we have! But they're only worth something if the eternal is added to the mix. If they've been refined by the fire. Check this out. It's a sand artist who is using his astounding gift to create the sweet aroma of worship, honoring someone higher than himself. It makes his gift... worthy.

I love sharing stories of good friend Keith and his journey. I got this email from Keith today.

"I decided to go for a walk very subtly led by God, after a while I was led again very subtly down a street then, very subtly to pick up a piece of garbage, immediately, in mid step God told me to pick up another. It was right after I had set aside a chunk of time to really actually worship. In the second it took me to stop and pick up the garbage a man saw me from his courtyard and eagerly saluted me in Spanish, french and English. (He later told me how surprised he was that he randomly stopped my like that.) I stopped to talk with him for what would turn out to be 4.5 intense hours. I can best describe him quickly as a very smart , possibly crazy, lonely, bohemian musician with what I believe is a strong prophetic spirit. I think he actually did have a pretty significant God encounter when he was 12, but he has turned out kinda weird and is listening to more than a few lies. He seems to be genuinely sick of his life and eager for Jesus to change him. I believe he has been receiving the truth that I spoke, and he was trembling and crying when I prayed for him. I don´t think I´ve ever had more fun! I´m going back tomorrow."

Isn't that amazing? The thing that was striking to me was that:

1) Cleaning and picking up garbage is something that God told him to do at the beginning of his God-Journey and has specifically led to NUMEROUS encounters thus far. (Both with man and spider)

2) I could totally see Keith doing this exact thing right here... because it's just who he is. It's in his DNA. God gave Keith a passion for the environment, then asked him to give it back to HIM for HIS usage... and it has subsequently become a Fire-tested, Keith-accessory that HE can use. It's had the eternal mixed into the equation and is worth so much more. It's another weapon in God's utility belt to share the HIS love with whomsoever.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Thanks for sharing this it really moved me.

I have also posted that amazing sand artist on my blog.

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