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4 November 2008

I hear the prairies calling out Your name

I just spent two hours praying for God to bless, heal, prosper, restore and fill America with hope... with some of the most incredible people I've ever met (and as Canadians)! It was out of love for our brothers, neighbors and friends. More than one person was in tears over just how much God can love a nation and a people... just like our nation... and your nation.

There was little mention of Bush, McCain or Obama. But I remember the name of Jesus coming up a number of times. We prayed A LOT for Mercy. Because it's only by God's mercy that any of us can stand in the presence of a Holy God. We prayed A LOT for HOPE... and for a people to find their hope in a place that can actually quench their thirst.

This beautiful Rich Mullins song I think sums up to me how I feel about the United States of America tonight.

I can feel the earth tremble
Beneath the rumbling of the buffalo hooves
And the fury in the pheasant's wings
And there's fury in a pheasant's wings
It tells me the Lord is in His temple
And there is still a faith
That can make the mountains move
And a love that can make the heavens ring
And I've seen love make heaven ring

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