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14 November 2008

Just me and the 3

The Freedom House girls are away for the weekend in Niagara Falls at conference with Lisa Bevere. It will be great for them.

So. Um...

That leaves me with the 3 kids for the weekend.

So far the big thanks goes to my friend Andrea who helped me determine how to tell when a lasagna was cooked. This has been my facebook status progression throughout the day...
At 3:25PM

At 8:50PM

At 9:30PM

Don't you think that should happen? Couldn't it be a government program of some kind? I came up with it with another buddy over, facebook chat, who's wife has ALSO left him for the weekend. We BOTH lamented not having a cool enough video game system AND not being able to leave the house AND wanting to eat food.

These ARE the things we love. It's positive male bonding or some kind of BS like that. Come on now. Bueller?


Anonymous said...

Remember this -- clean before she gets home (at least pick up the toys, vacuum, and sweep floors). Whites do not get washed with darks in the laundry. Wipe the wee ones faces and hands off and make sure they have on clean clothes that match.

Oh and before you go anywhere with the kids make absolutely certain they've used the potty. This one saves you... not your wife.

But you already knew all this.

Good luck!


Dave Carrol said...

Heidi... I am strictly forbidden from using the washing machine. Or power tools for that matter

Pete Wilson said...

Praying you guys survive!

Anonymous said...

I used to love my weekends away from hubby before my daughter was born and haven't had one since. Reminds me that maybe I should go !

I hope your wife has a blast.

Dave Carrol said...

Thanks Pete and Debateur. Tonight's "Movie Night"... so that should be enough of a carrot to get through the day.

Although I just got home and found out that there was no food in the house... so i had to call a friend and beg for a wendy's run.

Getting ready for church in the morning... MAY be a different story

Mike said...

Three kids. I hope you survive the weekend.

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