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6 November 2008

My kids can now say "listen" in Chinese

So thanks to children's programing on TV Ontario and Treehouse... and traditional Canadian Characters like "Ni hao kai lan", "Dora" and "Diego"; my kids can now count in, and speak rudimentary Chinese and Spanish.

Tonight I learned that "ting" means "listen" in Chinese. Yup. While "ting" and "vamonos" are lovely words... isn't it POSSIBLE that there should be shows that help kids learn to speak French? Last time I checked it was an official language of Canada.

The two things I wish I had ACTUALLY taken away from high school was even basic auto mechanics... and being fluent in French. However... in the light of what a huge deal it was in the States to have a black president... it IS really cool that our kids get to grow up in such a multi-cultural society... where differences just don't matter at all.

God bless Canada.

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