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21 November 2008

My last Day off of the year

I took my final day off work of the year today... with absolutely no plans at all to do anything. I'm like the bizarro Ferris Bueller... but not really. I actually save the exciting stuff for the fake-sick days. Oh calm down, I wouldn't do that.


But I did:

-Clean Cinnamon Life Cereal off the floor
-Learn that you can't recycle hard cover books until you rip their covers off
-Ripped covers of old hard cover books
-Threw about a decade of old Jars of Clay, Point of Grace, and Calming Vineyard Worship CD's in the trash. We just don't listen to as much Geoff Moore and the Distance as we once did... HOMERUN!
- Finished putting up Christmas stuff in the living room
- Took a nap

Later I plan to do nothing at all.

Sometimes doin' stuff is for suckers.

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