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23 November 2008

People never write songs about us

Yesterday's morning shopping trip to nowhere special (cough... Giant Tiger) resulted in 2 whining kids, 2 bickering parents and 1 one-year-old, snot covered, baby-back-thrashing FREAK out. It was "young kid world" arrayed for all see.

I realized as I flipped madly through the radio stations, desperately looking for some quick little ditty to get me through the next few seconds of life... that people don't write songs about me. Young Kid World is season of life that has a song-void. Teen aged Angst is very well covered in song. Young Love is everywhere. Dating... yep. The oversexed Honeymoon period... got it. Daddy's little baby got married... Pft... try not to find that. Even death! But Young Kid World is nowhere to be found.

Maybe it's for the same reason that I can't watch Super Nanny. Because at the end of a day full of... literal and figurative poop, life lessons about why it's vital to the survival of humankind that at least 5 bites of pork chop are eaten, and the ever-lovin progression of "Timeout... you'll loose your video games... early bed time... I'll shave your head if... (that was wasn't for real)"... we just don't want to think about Young Kid World anymore.

But when you live in Young Kid World... this IS your world. It's inescapable! A brother needs a little commiseration sometimes. I think that's why some people LOVE to watch Super Nanny... just to remind themselves that other people are more screwed up than them!

I find this season of life very difficult. There is little sleeping. Few wifely dates. No money. Constant Chaos. Excessive time demands. Excessive attention demands. Excessive affection demands. It's a constant sacrifice... and it's tough. I guess that DOESN'T make a very good song! Maybe a blues song.

(Interrupted by screaming in the house over what juice belongs to who)

Yesterday was my sleep in day and my wife woke me up at 8am (the latest we're allowed to sleep in since kid chaos usually starts at 5:30am) with something she read in Lisa Bevere's "Fight like a girl". It was a reminder that often in the midst of kid chaos, parents loose sight of why they had their children in the first place... and while desperately trying to have any semblance of order in the home... forget to let God do his thing AND to enjoy the ride.

Easier said than done while on the front lines of the great-grilled-cheese-wars. "It was horrible Earl... Hell. The ketchup was everywhere... gruesome stuff."

You know the main reason we had our kids? Because we realized that our lives revolved around US. We knew we were selfish people. My day revolved around ME and MY needs. My job... ME. My meal plan... ME. And that's not healthy... because life is not about US. It's about others. Sacrifice. Giving. We knew it would be tough... but we'd wind up more like Jesus.

Last night I as I stood outside, looking over the Grand River in the cold (after giving myself a timeout) I heard God remind me that the root reasons why I lose my cool over Young Kid World, come back to the very reasons why we had kids in the first place. My own greed, selfishness, pride... impatience. And I'm a good dad!

Every season in life has lessons. I'm a forward thinker and often find it difficult to embrace the season of life I find myself in. But it doesn't really work that way. Season's of life have lessons that need to be learned so that we can be armed and ready for the next challenge. And my kids are amazing kids. Stuning, gifted, funny, loving kids. I'm blessed.

So onward I go. Current challenge: "Tell her that I'M a better ballerina!" You're telling me there is no song in there somewhere?


Beth Murphy said...

Your kids are adorable, Dave! You have a beautiful family. Thanks for the post. Enjoy the chaos. :)

Melissa said...

I often feel like I"m the only one who lives in this world---the chaos the screaming, the constantly sticky floor from *something* they spilled again.....this was so relatable. YES--I LOVE my kids, but it's the hardest gig I've ever played....and I often just happen to *forget* my selfishness.oh, yeah..THAT. THAT plays into it as well...big time.

Paul Wilkinson said...

No song? Well, not quite. Try to get your hands on a late '60s or early '70s thing by Bobby Russell called "Saturday Morning Confusion." I think you'll identify. And it's not blues; it's a rather upbeat thing.

[Trivia: Jeff Scott and Bobby Russell wrote the megahit of that era, "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother."]

lyrics at: http://ntl.matrix.com.br/pfilho/html/lyrics/s/saturday_morning_confusion.txt

Anonymous said...

that's my life in less than 1000000000000 words

people say enjoy it

i think i'll enjoy it more when i look back on it


great post
thanks for relating


Miss said...

I dont know how I ended up on your blog...but I love it! you are such a great writer. as a mom of 4 kids 5 and under, this post speaks VOLUMES!! =) LOVE IT! =)

Dave Carrol said...

wow thanks Miss!

Very much appreciated!

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