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28 November 2008

We STOOD on guard for thee

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of...

"The Liberal Opposition plans to introduce a motion on Monday that proposes a governing coalition and declares non-confidence in the weeks-old Conservative government, according to a report."

So the FIRST thing that a brand new government does. Not a budget. Not a bill legalizing the slaughter of Pandas. A financial update... the leaders of the two loser parties... OH WAIT NO... the FORMER leaders of the two loser parties (one of which has NO leader and who's perspective leaders are less popular than the extremely unpopular former leader who was politically massacred 15 minutes ago and who are broke) are brokering a deal to overthrow a government that is 15 minutes old.

This is why people hate politics.


Rick_the_cat said...

I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I got the news update.
It's like I said a few months ago in my blog - I almost truly wanted to vote green

Mike said...

It seems there are those who are more interested in power than serving the nation.

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