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30 December 2008

Dave does "construction"

Thought I'd give everyone a walking tour of our brand new Freedom House building and how it's coming along.

I'm very excited about how we're going to be able to use this new home for our house. It's, quite literally, right in the heart of our all-of-a-sudden thriving downtown and will serve as a wonderful base to serve both the community and the thousands of University students living in Brantford's core.

See Freedom House, while we have church in it, is not just a church. We see ourselves as a Ministry Center... where every member is a minister. Where everyone has a ministry. Where everyone is free to dream and we just get to partner with their dreams and help make them happen.

We really do believe that Brantford has a destiny as "The City of God". Someone asked me recently what we mean when we say that. It's a long story... but the "in a nutshell version" is that we believe that God wants to influence every area of our community. Socially, economically, educationally, media, politically, entertainment... all of it. And that takes EVERYONE getting free, living free and being released to free others.

Plus we laugh a lot doing it. So that's pretty awesome. You should stop by and see the place.

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