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2 December 2008

Email Michaelle Jean at info@gg.ca

This is what I just emailed our Governor General (who must be sweating bullets and wishing that she could just travel the world and say nice Canadian things like Clarkson did right now)

Even spellchecker thinks there is something wrong with the NDP. I honestly can't believe that these are the choices she has:

  1. Prime Minister Stephane Dion (followed by Michael 'don't wave that finger at me' Ignatieff or Bob 'spendin like a sugar daddy' Rae)
  2. Another election
There is NO good answer. There is NO greater good going on here on any side. I spend A LOT of time trying to justify why I place value in politics to a generation that couldn't care less.

This DOES NOT help my cause.
I am an unhappy Canadian voter.

I don't care about my (or your) political affiliations in this scenario. That's not the issue (at least to the Canadian people it's not). Handing the government over to parties who are less popular in Canada than ever and one who wants to separate? No sir. That's wrong.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wish all parties would get on with running the country. We have
so many problems going on. So many
people are losing there jobs at
DO YOUR JOB.....WE can't afford this

harry carter said...

please please ,do not let this happen,for the sake of this country and its people.this will completly desstroy what canada is all about.PLEASE STOP THIS INSANITY>

Anonymous said...

Please use the power invested with your position,and don't let this coalition happen. It makes no sense to have all the parties that Canadians don't want in power, and did not elect to run our country. Let alone the fact that one of the parties does not want to be part of Canada.We trust that you will make the right decision and allow Canadians,( once again )to choose the Governing party of our country.

Very concerned citizen:

Dave Carrol said...

So is it safe to say that people aren't happy?

megat said...

your blog more info ,make me excited. Congratulation!!

Patti said...

Hey, I wandered over here from a facebook link. I'm in the "city of God" down the road from you - Hamilton. :)

I already emailed the GG, with the same sentiments - three times!

Dave Carrol said...

Hey Patti... thanks for stopping by!

Just out of curiosity... where was it posted on facebook?

And yeah... God's taking cities in Southern Ontario! Wink wink!

Patti said...

Hmmm - I think Jeannette VanM posted it. I'll check.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that a majority of Canadians did not want a Conservative Government, about 61% of voters.The ones who did not vote did not want any of the parties so yes Canadians have spoken. Another election! We did not need the last one. It cost millions of our dollars to find out what we already knew. That money could have used in so may better ways such as health care, senior and child care and list goes on. The tories have one agenda...to cuddle up to the corporates, make the rich richer and poor, poorer...and quite frankly, they are succeeding.

trudy said...

Madame Jean.. please don't let this happen, give the party in power now a chance to do their job. We can't afford a nother election, but if we have to... go for it . thanks for listening to the people. Trudy

Anonymous said...

A coalition government must be comprised of “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” ,and while the Bloc Quebecois will have no seats in a cabinet, they will nonetheless, be essential for a coalition to exist. The Bloc Quebecois by their own declaration, NOT loyal to canada, and thus CANNOT be a part of any coalition government, therefore an election must be called.

Betty Brown said...

This "take over" by the three muskateers must not happen.
I do not like Stephen Harper but this is not a Canadian way of doing business. The country has been like a ship without a rudder for many years.Please Madame allow Canadians decide. We also need to get all the goons who are leading the parties to resign.

Jos said...

You know, this whole thing is disgusting! How do any of those idiots in Ottawa expect us to have any cinfidence in their abbilities to lead our country when they blatantly lied to us?! During the election when asked about a coalition there was a resounding "NO" because their politics didn't match up. Now they want us to believe that they have the best interest of our country in mind. I call a big fat B.S! The last election which was unnesesary cost us the canadian tax payers over 300 million dollars. Now all of the ppl I know who pay their taxes bust their butts to make that money. What we need to do is change the law to dis-allow this from happening again!

Anonymous said...

Your Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean

I urge you NOT to be persuaded by partisan public opinion re opposition to a coalition government. When a government can't address the economic concerns openly with the people in Canada and is arrorant in presenting to the House then they deserve to fail. Coalitions can and do work elsewhere. Lets get on with it. Waiting until January may provide cooler heads but waste time dealing with economic concerns.

Donna said...

The Honourable Michaelle Jean
Governor General of Canada
Ottawa, On

My heart broke for you when I saw you on television tonight. Your anguish is felt by many of us. God bless you and remain with you and your relatives, and also with the Haitian people.

Donna Huxford

Anonymous said...

Why did you shut down the House so th PM could save his neck again, you should have let him take the fall.

Anonymous said...

I just got a Get Well Message off to the Duchess of Cornwall; seems Camilla broke her leg while out walking in Scotland. If you could contact The Duchess at Clarence House and leave greetings and well wishes as to her injury.

Lord God Omnipotent
King of England

Anonymous said...

I wish you every success in the future & on your appointment to UNESCO. I know that you will do a wonderful job as you did as Governor General

Anonymous said...

Is this government trying to instigate uprise by People that love this country?

I have never witness as many people showing their distrust and anger for a government than I have right now. The entire country is taking notice.

What is going on ? Why ?

This blatant Criminal activity by politicians is exactly what countries around the world are demonstrating for.

Why have we suddenly become so completely, politically corrupt?

I this government going to send police to beat and kill peaceful protester, again ?

Do Canadian peacekeepers ( we the people ) have to die to regain control of its government, same as so many other crazy countries ?

Is there no political leaders, that see whats happening, and care ?

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