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16 December 2008


The word "Good" has a LONG list of definitions. A couple of my favorites are:

"having the right or desirable quality"
"not spoiled or tainted"

Psalm 119:68 says of God, "You are good, and the source of good; train me in your goodness." I'm inspired by people who have been trained by goodness and have the faith to genuinely let it spill out of them. People whose hearts are full of God. Full of Good.

Good Magazine's Blog today had this clip of Fred (Mr.) Rogers back in 1969 appearing before the US Senate trying to convince them of the value of public television. Check it out. It's worth the 7 minutes.

What a stunning example of GOOD in action. What a reminder that when you believe in something that has RIGHT qualities that aren't SPOILED or TAINTED, it breaks the darkness. We're not RIGHTEOUS, UNSPOILED OR SPOTLESS, but the one who is functions through us to achieve the miraculous.

In this case... a humble gentle man, speaking of simple goodness changed the "climate" in the US Senate. Using his passion and anointing (that aligned with the will of God to bless children) Fred Rogers was used as an intercessor in 1969 and he saw 20 million dollars released to facilitate his ministry by reciting a children's song.

The Holy Spirit in action on YouTube.

1 comment:

flutterby said...

Mr. Rogers really is one of my heroes. His show was not flashy or attention grabbing, but it spoke straight to the heart of children. Both my kids loved it and I wish that more programming would take his philosophy and put it into action.

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