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18 December 2008

Hark the Herald Angels sing

Three and a half years into my desire to write something more substantial than woman's underwear ads and blogs (don't hate me Mr. Big Ear) I'm working again at the book that's been on my heart to write for a long time. It's an exposed, funny look at sex, marriage and relationships; and their correlation between the God as the Groom and Me as the Bride relationship. I know what I was thinking when I was the groom at the wedding. And God's thinking THAT about me... since I'm the girl. Yowza.

Anywho... at lunch today I was writing a bit about my unsuccessful adolescence in the girl department and how I arrived at THIS horrible place:

My "comedy" took a very focused, intentional, ugly turn. Instead doing my homework, at night I'd spend my time analyzing people's personalities and identifying their areas of personal vulnerability. Wherever they were hypocritical and full of crap, I'd prepare material for class the next day with the sole intention of attacking that spot and wrinkle with a mean spirited, verbal, comedic barrage that they'd have no answer to. I'm talking "A" Material too. See I was good at this. I'd go hard, strong and public until I achieved my goal... tears. I used to be very proud that I could reduce even the heartiest soul to tears should I choose to. Especially Christians. They were the easiest because I had insider information. I knew what they were supposed to be, and I knew what they actually were. The secret was to have so many other people laughing with me that my point would win the public perception game. Combine my new "Mr Congeniality" manifesto with excessive amounts of alcohol and you've got quite the recipe for... ummmm... exactly what I wanted. Girls and acceptance.

Such a treasure I was. Now... going through this era of life DID help me to discover my much more authentic self in a healthy way (eventually) but sometimes it's just frightening to think about the dark things that lurk in the shadows of our soul. It kinda hurt to see my darkness written out on my Sony Laptop. It hurts because I know what lived in me... and realize the degree to which I was (and am) in need of reconciliation.

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of viewing the latest chapter of the Greensboro Baptist Church's "God Hates" series. In today's episode, God hates Santa. If you feel like getting angry while seeing the "depths of disturbed" as sung by church kids... this is the video for you.

Made me want to reverse my "Santa in moderation" stance with my kids and go full on, "this mysterious man is eating cookies in the living room" just to stick it to these honky nitwits. But then while writing today, I was listening to Vince Guaraldi Trio's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" score. I listened to the kids singing:

Hark the Herald Angels sing
Glory to the newborn King
Peace on Earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled

God and sinners reconciled is the story of Christmas. It's the story of how "a wretch like me" can be loved, accepted, forgiven and free. We all need it. And it's open for all of us. God asked me today how much better would the words I mutter under my breath or shout in anger privately sound on YouTube?

The story of Christmas is a very cutting, beautiful and significant story isn't it? The manger... like the cross... is quite confrontational and revolutionary.


Anonymous said...

Very disturbing video... you sit there and watch it, wishing it was fake or doctored somehow... and I like the reinforcement of my motto for life: Charlie Brown Rocks!

Anonymous said...

I saw that video on another blog yesterday. Horrid!

When I was a shackled and chained person of demonic possession. Well?? How else would you describe it? Anyway, when I was that wretch of a person I was so stuck up and egotistical that I actually believed this... that all boys (men) wanted to get in my pants and all girls (women) wanted to be friends with me.

How. Sick. Is. That?!!

When I confessed this to my husband he looked at me like I was foreign to him. I wonder if he contemplated divorce in that brief moment? Scary.

Heidi Reed

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