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20 December 2008

Rick Warren on Dateline

So here's how it went down. Rick Warren wrote a book and wore a Hawaiian shirt. Then Obama became president and declared his love for Rick Warren. "Rick Warren?" his supporters inquired politely. Then people started calling Rick Warren a hateful bigot. How much does one Hawaiian shirted man have to do?

So he went on Dateline last night and spoke VERY well.

You can see more here.

Rick Warren's done more for America and the World at large than Barack Obama... by a mile. It's not even in ballpark. I think I'm a bit tired of people slandering Christians they don't know. Good on Rick Warren and good on Obama for recognizing someone of vision. Barack Obama will have to work hard to have the influence and vision for the world that the person helping with his inauguration does.


Anonymous said...

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Mike said...

As much as I get frustrated by some things Rick says...I agree with you on this one.

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