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25 December 2008

Stand by me

We were driving home from my Mother-In-Law's house tonight and as we pulled into town, we were noticing all these houses with lights on... Christmas trees in the main rooms... families gathered around. Krissy said, "You know, it's nice that people make point of getting together with their family and friends." And she's right. It really is a nice thing. Christmas Day is rarely revolutionary on it's surface. It's usually the same script on a yearly loop. But people coming together for one reason all throughout out land...really is wonderful. We spend so much time alone, that to know that this day, almost everyone is with someone they love doing something GOOD... is nice.

This is an amazing video from an organization called "Playing for Change" featuring people from all over the world singing "Stand by Me" together. The idea of people doing things as one, together in love, helping one another out along the way is a very hopeful thought.

Makes you remember why people so cherish Christmas.


Mike said...

This is a great vid. It reminds me of how we should be as disciples.

If ya don't mind I will post on this in the future.

Dave Carrol said...

I just loved it when I saw... been watching it and singing it since.

Really inspiring.

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