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5 December 2008

Things that make me know the world is still a pretty good place

5:45am: Watching Brianna catch her last few moments of sleep in my arms, breathing on me just inches from my nose. Then opening up her eyes to smile at me and touch my face.

6:10am: Hearing Aislin say, "Daddyyyyyyy" while twirling her hair into Coolio knots as I open her door. "Why are you putting knots in your hair?" I ask. "I don't know" she says with a goofy grin. "Daddy, I'm your princess!" And she is.

6:15am: Jared coming down the stairs and quickly setting up the living room for the day. Christmas lights on. Pillows arranged as drums. Girls sitting properly. Then stopping to say... "Daddy I forgot to give you a good morning hug".

6:55am: Going upstairs to wake my wife who is wearing her sister's old "BCI is #1" t-shirt. The same shirt she's worn to bed since I met her 13 years ago.

7:20am: Hearing the Fan 590's twenty-twenty sports update. Knowing the Leafs still stink. The Jays still can't sign free agents... And we're all still OK.

7:50am: Peanut Butter...
8:05: ...chased by my first silver travel mug of coffee of the day

8:20am: Hearing Brianna scream "BUH BYE" and then slamming the door behind me.

8:40am: Seeing the snow-speckled farm fields and the light drifting across the "back roads" to work, reminding me of a storybook about the Prairies I had when I was 8.

9:10am: Hearing the trickle of coffee #2 brewing in the kitchen around the corner from the office. "I love coffee because coffee has caffeine and caffeine gives me hope. (Mary Mack)"

10:35am: Having my first "hey check this out" Instant Message of the day. A friend sees a video of a redneck impaling themselves and thought of me.

11:01am: Fighting with my wife
11:11am: Making up with my wife
11:13am: Typing... "I love you" and meaning it.

12:08am: Sitting down in a mostly empty, somewhat dimly lit bar and grill with a bright white new laptop that someone who believes in me gave me so that I can write. I write.

3:37pm: Instant Message from home saying, "I can hardly wait for you to get home". Replying, "Me too".

5:32pm: Opening the front door. Waiting 3-4-5 seconds. Saying, "Helloooo kidos". Being attached by the three saying "Daddyyyy" in unison accompanied by an attack knee-hug.

5:45pm: Standing over my wife giving her an impromptu back rub. Stopping. Then starting again after being told otherwise.

7:00pm: Saying for the 37th time, "Hey kids it's Moo Goo Guy Pan". Being told that it's "Ne Hao Kai Lan". Acting shocked.

7:17pm: That 45 seconds of silence. Right before the noise starts again.

8:01pm: When Jared asks for a "Daddyback" up the stairs. Piggybacks are for Pigs see.

9:00pm: Closing the bedroom door on the last pee session of the last child. Turning off the big lights and laying together under the Christmas tree with my bride on the couch to watch pointless programing about crime, love and dancing for the 5005ist night in a row.

9:02pm: Knowing she's gonna be on my couch tomorrow.

10:03pm: Switching to something interesting while the little cute Christian girl who wore blue sweat pants and a wool sweater from my history class sleeps on my chest.

It tells me the Lord is in His temple
And there is still a faith that can make the mountains move
And a love that can make the heavens ring

Rich Mullins

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