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19 December 2008

Wash Away on a Snowy Day

Woke up today singing this song from Lost. It's a really simple, beautiful little mandolin-driven song called "Wash Away" by Joe Purdy.

I try not to dread blizzards like today but it's tough not to.
It's an inconvenient interruption to our life plans.
It makes you stop, freeze and really listen.
It forces you to be aware of the things bigger than you.
It makes our safety bubbles pop.
At any moment, given a strong wind blowing the "wrong" direction, your day is changed.

This song closed out the first episode of Lost. Hope juxtaposed with carnage. I love how every 5 or 6 episodes... they'll end the hour with a peaceful, hopeful beach panoramic scene like this. A grounding moment where the castaways have a "remember the important things in life" oasis. They breathe, stretch their arms, and remember that even though this is not the life they expected... they can make it.

Maybe blizzard days are important for the soul every now and again.

They make you stop and remind tomorrow... that it has to stay tomorrow.

Art by David Hayward (AKA "The Naked Pastor)

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Mike said...

Merry Christmas.

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