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1 December 2008

Wheezing like a Jefferson

I dragged myself out of bed this morning to the soundtrack of my own rhythmic dry hacking. Put on my pretty plaid shirt, squeezed into my slowly tightening jeans and picked the last morsels of Chinese food out of my beard (maybe why the jeans are getting tighter?). I stood at the front door thinking about going to work, mouth hanging wide open, feeling the jackhammer pound of my brain against my skull. Then I saw THIS...

... THAT'S the flu? Kinda pretty looking isn't it? If it had a hook on it, I'd expect it to smell like potpourri and I'd hang it on the Christmas Tree. But apparently when it lives in your body... it make you wheeze like a Jefferson. So I checked my calender to see if I could afford to go back to bed.

I could
I did
I am


Anonymous said...

Get well soon. Keep your beautiful looking flu "bug" up north with you, k? Thanks.

Heidi Reed

Dave Carrol said...

i'll do what i can to keep it to myself. But i'll warn you, that i'm going back to work tomorrow. I don't like taking one day off... let alone 2

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