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6 December 2008

Work, work, work

Since our new church building is right now a big empty space in the lower floor of a big mall... there is a quite a lot of work that needs to be done between now and the beginning of January when we start filling it with guitars, mics, and neighborhoodies.

And most the work that needs to be done... I have no idea how to do. Give me a blank room and tell me to "create" something and I'll just stare right back at you blankly. Thankfully... we have friends who DO know how. And are really good at it. I stood back and observed the hive of activity in our amazing new space that's packed with potential and possibility and what I saw was "the church" in motion.

"The Church" where everyone sells what they have and gave it for the common good. Where builders are free to build and those who aren't (me) are their willing helper monkeys. It's a wonderful thing having a church family full of people who care about each other and a common goal. People who will WORK for it. Christians can argue until their blue about how they don't need church to experience God... but God gave the church to his people for a reason. And I think it's partially for us. Because we need other people, who know other things than we do, and who will sow into YOU as you sow into them, as you both sow into things together.

Now... I can't erect a wall, or be trusted to paint with any precision whatsoever... but I am growing quite a lovely beard to fit in in construction world.

Yeah... I need to shave very quickly.

We'll be down at the Market Square from 9 until later today if you'd like to come swing a hammer or just see the place.


Zac Baker said...

When in january are you guys opening up the doors? I'll be home for a few weeks over the holidays and could pop it and support/encourage you guys. . .

Dave Carrol said...

we're shooting for January 4th (or 11th) depending on how construction goes along. I'll update the blog for sure to keep you in the loop.

It would be great to have ya Zac!

Patti said...

Oh my goodness, we've just FINISHED this process. Rather thankful to be done, I must say.

BUT, it does create all new friendships, and great stories for laughing about later!

Happy reno's.

Paul Wilkinson said...

I worked as a worship leader once with a pastor who was a truly brilliant mind; he completed a doctoral program in such record time, the university was reluctant to award the degree so quickly.

But during our church building program he had no skills to offer, so they gave him a paint scraper and told him to scrape all the scraps of putty the drywall and paint people were leaving on the floor. So he walked around with his scraper in hand and scraped up the putty.

I, on the other hand, had even less to offer, so I simply walked around and kept him company.

Dave Carrol said...

Yes Paul... that's my construction life too. Ha. I find it really impressive to see how other people's minds work. That they can actually MAKE buildings. Wow.

Paul said...

I can't build, paint OR grow a beard! Sheesh. I suck.

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