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8 December 2008

You shouldest not mess with "Oh Canada" my dear

I feel a little bit bad for poor little hippity hoppy Kreesha Turner today. But not really.

Yesterday was the first ever NFL regular season game in Canada as the Buffalo Bills invaded "The Ted" (RIP) only to be massacred by the Miami Dolphins. This excruciatingly boring, field goal laden game... all but killed the Toronto/Buffalo Bills playoff chances, and put many to sleep. BUT... what a moment the national anthem was.

I love the national anthem at sporting events! It's about the only part of Toronto Maple Leaf games I still watch. Me and my boy will sing the anthem together. Unfortunately, I'm more often than not disappointed by some ridiculous, self-indulgent rendition of this cherished symbol of national unity. That's what happened yesterday at the Rogers Center as Kreesha launched into her hack-job of an anthem. This is what her Wikipedia page ALREADY says today:

Kreesha's performance was uniformly panned and ultimately drowned out by fans heckling or starting to sing the anthem over top of her performance.

And this is how it sounded.

Poor girl still hippity hopping away in the background as the "true north strong and free" showed her how it's done. Man I LOVE it when people sing the national anthem. It's amazing!

In 1994 "Oh Canada" hit a new low when a lounge singer from Las Vegas name KC Parks turned it into "Oh Christmas Tree"at a Las Vegas Posse CFL game.

Um yes. That's horrible.

Thankfully... 12 years later... Oh Canada hit it's highest peak of perfection in the spring of 2006 at an Edmonton Oiler playoff game.

Bringin' down the house.

1 comment:

Rick_the_cat said...

for a country that often has trouble being very patriotic about ourselves... u r right.
Don't screw with our anthem... or our maple syrop.

That was nasty by that chick yesterday for sr... but nothing is as disgusting a that CFL dude

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