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10 January 2009

Building the church

Sometimes when I love it when I find myself alone while working. I had about an hour or so tonight alone(ish), painting a room that will be filled elementary school aged kids in a couple of weeks. So I had time to sing whatever I wanted (turned out to be a whole lotta old hymns), pray and think.

I started to think about what a significant thing in the life of a church, the building of the temple was and is. It's a very Biblical thing to be a part of building your house of worship. God always had specific plans for his temple and mobilized those who would call it their home to work. When people in churches actually WORK on their building, it makes them proud. Proud to call it their church. It's a bonding experience as a family comes together to work. And it's worship just as significant as marinating for hours in a prayer room.

There have been anywhere from 3-4, to dozens of people working nearly everyday and every night for about a month now to get the church ready to roll January 18th, and I can honestly say that I'm closer to the guys (and girls) who I've worked alongside every night than I was a month ago. Because we work together. Sacrifice together. Plan together. Laugh together... and all to honor the same God. They are my brothers and sisters whom I love.

I'm not a skilled builder, although tonight I was allowed to paint! But I wouldn't miss these times for the world. We're called to be all things to all men to reach some. I want to be a skilled work-worshiper and have it as another tool in my arsenal.

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