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2 January 2009

Choice vs Destiny

I think that "Choice" and "Destiny" have been fighting for too long. Why? Why can't these two just get along. I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions. What I am big on, is the wonderful reality that God speaks to us prophetically. Last night, just before heading to bed, I felt God's prompting that He wanted to share something with me about 2009. Something to point me in the right direction. This is what he said:

"This year will be a year of Destiny and Choices. They are symbiotic (a relationship between two dissimilar organisms in which each is dependent upon and receives reinforcement, whether beneficial or detrimental, from the other) and need each other to drive the wheel. Each are "the next spoke" on the wheel to each other. One comes after the other, which comes after the other, which comes after the other, and so forth. You'll need choice, to release destiny, to release choice, to release destiny, and so forth.

Destiny and Choice have never been at war with each other although many have called them enemies. But this year... you will begin to see the grade of the hill that the wheel is on increase and wheel will be put into motion... the direction however... will be a surprise of many. Those who have made poor choices will have ineffective destiny spokes and as the grade of the hill increases, they'll find themselves rolling backward at a faster rate. The same is true for those who have made good choices. There will be a good destiny spoke in front of them as a they drive forward.

Understand the water wheel. In it's functioning, lies a principle you'll need to know to steward your ministry in 2009.

The water below is the spirit of God. It's the River that is flowing under everything from the throne room of God. You've seen it in Brantford and it IS there. Dig deep. Each paddle on the wheel is alternatively named "Choice" and "Destiny". As man sees it, the disadvantages of the "Undershot Water Wheel" is

"The undershot waterwheel rests directly in the stream and depends upon the force of the water to push the wheel. In addition to inefficiently harnessing the stream's motive force,the undershot wheel also requires a rather substantial and constant of water, and thus becomes even more inefficient or even useless at times of low stream-flow."

The inconsistencies of the River are man's perceived limitations to this principle. How little faith. Dig Deep. The River is here and it's a powerful river. Prayer clears the obstacles that cut the strength of it's flow to your city. Prayer makes the River Flow faster which allows the potential for greater power IF your wheel is in working order.

When the water-wheel of your ministry is immersed in the River of God, the paddles cause the wheel to spin, creating energy and releasing "My Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven". THE STUFF. Making right decisions (stewardship, discernment, obedience) with the "Choice Paddles"... and (therefore) putting THAT single paddle in the river, makes the subsequent "Destiny paddle" actually effective. Without it, the wheel is heavier and harder to spin. There may or may not be energy produced. That will depend on the speed of the river, accomplished through prayer. More paddles, puts the water wheel in trustworthy perpetual motion. Riding out the "Destiny" paddles alone won't turn the wheel, nor will wisdom alone."

Be smart and drop your waterwheel boldly in the River of God for it is time to watch it begin to spin... then take care to ensure it continues in motion."

I love how free-will choices, and a God ordained destiny actually rely on each other. I think we've cheapened both concepts with our visceral understandings and surface reactions to very deep, rich, gifts from a very deep, rich God.

I'm very excited about life in 2009. In my spirit I feel like this is going to be a year where many good, new things begin. I don't think life will look the same for us next year at this time. I really don't.

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Patti said...

Wow. Worth reading a few times. Thanks for writing this!

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