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8 January 2009

George Bush is not the Devil... Part 2

I had a really good back and forth with my brother on Facebook about yesterday's George Bush discussion:

Rick Carrol at 10:37am January 8
Too true. It's easy to criticize leadership.
Especially one who bumbled up to the microphone so many times. But Bush led the country through some very difficult times.

He may not be the Devil, however he did leave the country in much worse financial, political and social state than he inherited it. Mind you the whole world is taking a bit of a hit, but even our own boys down the 401 did a better job of guiding Canada through the recent times of recession, international turmoil, and social hot-issues.

Just sayin'...

Dave Carrol at 10:47am January 8
I'm not saying everything the guy did was right... but if we think hindsight being 50/50 is true in our personal lives or church leadership... imagine in the "runnin' the country" scenario.

I remember I began thinking about this back during the Bob Rae era (who made what I consider to be terrible choices). I remember one day someone tearing a strip off this poor man on the radio, calling him terrible things. I remember thinking... "Bob Rae's not waking up in the morning saying... NOW HOW CAN I SCREW UP MY PROVINCE TODAY?' No... he's trying his best to help his province prosper. And it's a tough job.

Even with Bush... the man is extremely wealthy and could just lived a quiet happy life as an oil barren/baseball owner and continued to be the life of the party... but instead he put his rep on the line an was the leader of the world for 8 years. I just think he deserves better than he's getting

Rick Carrol at 11:07am January 8
Well that is true.
And good call on him not trying to ruin the country.
I think about that a lot Even the worst of decisions are most often made with the best of intentions.
I like that quote.
I may add it to my facebook

*** FOOTNOTE... he did add it to his facebook***


Patti said...

Good conversation.

One thought from me - I don't think hindsight IS 20/20, at least not always. I'm more of the Aslan camp - and I quote loosely - "No one ever knows what WOULD have happened."

Dave Carrol said...

That's a good point Patti. It's funny though, because as a leader, you want to be able to stand by your decisions... but when you look at what your decisions have led to... it's tough not to say, "If i had known then what I know now". But you DIDN'T know that then... so you're left with making a tough choice.

That's one of the reasons why I think leaders earn more grace than are given. It's also one of the reasons why leaders burn out in churches... that they are judged (without the judgers having all the information)

I was once in a season of youth ministry where God called on me specifically to "Find the Faithful remnant" so that the next youth pastor would have building blocks. So there was no frills... no hooks... just a season where God got to do what he wanted. And sometimes it's only the leader who understands what's happening.

Patti said...

Yeah - I think we ALL get into trouble when we demand that all decisions be firmly evaluated as perfectly pure or absolutely evil.

Leaders should have the safety to say, "If I had known then what I do now..." without being skewered.

Participants should have the safety to say, "I might have done it differently" without being villified.

Sidewalk superintendents...well, I won't give my opinion on that!

But all of those idealistic "should's" demand trusting relationships, which is often rare.

Powerful season of ministry you described - wow.

Johnny said...


Thanks for passing by my blog Dave.



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