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7 January 2009

George Bush is not the devil...

...and as Obama's inauguration gets closer people should stop calling him that. People need to remember that this man has sacrificed much as the leader of the world, through many difficult times for nearly a decade. People who don't know what it's like to be a leader, need to get off their high horse, have some manners and say THANK YOU.

Let me tell you something. Al Gore would have gone into Iraq too. Al Gore would have responded to 9/11 too. I've had friends who spent a good chunk of time in New Orleans after the floods... and since my information is a number of generations away from the source I won't write what I've heard... but I will say that according to the church leaders, the reality on the ground WAS NOT what was reported in the media. It just became another excuse to call George Bush an idiot.

Well, like it or not, he's not an idiot. He was a leader who made choices, like leaders must do. Some good and some bad. But George Bush made the US the world's leading investor in African well-being. March 27th, 2008 Washington Times:

President Bush showed the world that it isn't words, but actions, that truly make a difference. Millions throughout Africa would agree.

Mr. Bush recently completed a historic visit to the African continent; a trip he described as "the most exciting, exhilarating, uplifting trip" of his presidency. During his visit, we saw pictures of the president dancing, celebrating and attending ceremonies with heads of state. But the real story is not about just this one trip; it is about the commitment the president made to Africa and what the United States has been quietly accomplishing throughout the continent over the past eight years under Mr. Bush's leadership.

While critics here at home, including many in the press, focused on attacking Mr. Bush at every turn, he steadfastly pushed for greater investments to help the families and businesses of Africa. It's the great untold story that has rarely made headlines here in America, but even so, it has truly changed the world for millions of Africans.

Yes... he sounds like evil incarnate to me. Seems like Kanye West is the idiot and George Bush DOES care about black people after all. Imagine... helping the poorest of the poor. Clearly a maniacal plot to steal their lucky charms.

From today's Globe and Mail:

"He enacted landmark reform in public education. He extended Medicare to include prescriptions for seniors. And he will be remembered most favorably for what didn't happen: There were no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil after 9/11."

This was the, "there were SOME good points" paragraph in an article about how Bush will not be remembered favorably by history. And maybe he won't. But it's not likely to be as bad as the uninformed masses say it will be. I call us all that... because often, not EVEN the president has all the facts. But his duty is to make, hard, life-alerting decisions. Decisions that will anger one group and endear him to another. We don't even have a fraction of the information that our leaders have at their disposal... yet somehow, WE appoint ourselves jury. We fall in love with charisma over character. We tear down instead of build up.

Respect and pray for leaders. They need it. It's a tough, thankless gig. Please do me a favor... find someone who's a leader in your life and say THANK YOU today.

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