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23 January 2009

Hey... let's grab a coffee at the City Center tomorrow

My Dad is the greatest Dad to have around Christmas time. Especially since he took up woodworking as a hobby. Every year, my Dad quietly listens and looks around our house for what we need... and makes us something amazing out of wood. I love it. It's made our home look like the Dutch Mill! I know it makes him very happy and satisfied to see us enjoy something he's worked so hard on. That's how we're feeling about the new Freedom House City Center that we're proud to say opens tomorrow!

I've blogged about it a bit, but almost every night (and day) since before Christmas, varying numbers of us have been working until the late late hours, converting what used to be a Bargain Harold's in the Market Square Mall into a place that we're calling the "City Center". It's actually not that unlike my Dad and his handicrafts. Years ago, we determined that our city needed a place in the downtown that could be used as a base. A hub. A center where we could not only have church as Freedom House, but also begin to make a real, practical, positive difference in Brantford. A place where every member could be a minister... released in their gifting... in every area of city life... like social reform, the political arena, sports, entertainment, media, family life, University involvement (since thousand of students live within steps of Freedom House) and whatever else can be dreamt of by you!

The City Center is also the home for Freedom House Church. We're a worship driven church. Meaning, we worship first and are intentionally led by the voice of God... not just our plans. We're committed to seeing Prayer and Worship happen (eventually) 24/7. Freedom House will be place where ANYONE, ANYTIME can come and encounter a Real, Raw, God... and it's quite an amazing community of believers and friends if I do say so myself.

So to us, tomorrow feels a bit like what my Dad must feel on Christmas morning as he unloads a fine piece of country furniture from his van... and makes it a part of our home. There has been an astounding amount of time and sacrifice that has gone into the building of the new City Center. But the reason why it's being built is what drives us. Because we REALLY DO BELIEVE... even after all these years... that Brantford is "The City of God". That God has a plan for Brantford to be a harbor of His Glory... and designs on the physical, financial, and social prosperity of the City.

So we'd love it, if you'd take a few moments to come and celebrate it with us tomorrow.

Saturday January 24th 1-5pm: It's the OFFICIAL Grand Opening tour of the facilities where the whole family is welcome to come and meet Captain Kindness, enjoy Williams Coffee's wonderful food, and participate in the official ribbon cutting ceremony. Come and learn about what the Freedom House City Center is all about or just take a peek around!

7-8:30pm: It's a "Just Worship", everyone's included, worship event. Come, dig in, and spend a good chunk of time in worship. Williams Coffee is providing the "after worship spread" to enjoy in the new City Center Cafe.

January 25th 10:30am: It's Freedom House Church's 5th Anniversary Service and the official kickoff to resuming full time ministry with our new downtown base.

Check out the facebook event here for details. If you're in the Brantford area, try to stop by tomorrow afternoon if you can. Even just to say hi! It would be wonderful to meet some friends, catch up with old ones, have a coffee in our cafe bar, and have you share in our exciting day!

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