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24 January 2009

I got paint tinted at Walmart... at 3am

That was a new experience. I had no idea the all-night Walmart staffed so many people. Including paint tinting specialists! Does this happen often?

So while getting paint tainted at Walmart at 3am, I had to wonder if we were properly stewarding our time in staying up until 5:30 to put the finishing touches on our new church bar... since THERE ARE A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE IN BAD SHAPE at 3am in an all-night Walmart. Maybe our time would have been better served handing out hellfire tracts in Walmart. Maybe doing "sober up coffee" Random Acts of Kindness?

There is a whole segment of society that ONLY sees the light of day... at night... at Walmart... looking for underpants. Either way... last night I was one of them. And a coffee would have been nice right about then.

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