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27 January 2009

I'm eating Fufu for lunch on Thursday!

Fufu was my favorite food from Ghana. It's a dish where you pound cassava yams and plantain together into a doughy ball with stick and a bowl (check out this You Tube video)... and put it in a scalding pepper-hot "light soup", served with goat meat. The rules are that you don't chew the dough. You just let it roll down your throat. It's a fantastic meal and it reminds me of a wonderful time in life.

And I get some on Thursday!

A West African Grocery Store opened up a block down from my radio station in the summer. On my way back from getting today's lunch, I saw it and thought about Africa. I love the African people. Their warmth. Their hospitality. Their laugh. Their FOOD. So I went to try and track down some fufu. The gentleman in the small grocery store was surprised to see me. He was even more surprised to hear me asking about fufu! I told him about our time living in West Africa and our affinity for the culture.

He was giddy. He told me that he they didn't cook on site, but his wife could cook the fufu at home and bring it in for me in a Tupperware bowl! Have I mentioned how much I miss Ghana? We talked a bit about the cultural differences between Ghana and Canada... shared a few "inside" jokes... and I left my phone number for his wife to call me when she returned from the market. Deja-vu man.

5 minutes later she calls me, giggling about the "obroni" who wanted fufu. She was thoroughly delighted that I enjoyed the food from her homeland that much. When I asked how much it would cost, she said... "We shouldn't worry about money. I just want to see your face when you see the food. If you like it... I'll just give it to you". Then I'll bring the Tupperware back to them after. It's so wonderful. That's very common in Ghana. In fact when you buy a pop at a shop, you have to stand there and drink it, and give the owner of the shop back the bottle.

I went back to my office and thought, "If I eat fufu by myself without sharing, Krissy will KILL me" so I grabbed a radio station coffee mug as a small thanks and walked over to get a second order of fufu. The guy was on the phone with his wife laughing this amazingly familiar laugh. I told him my plight and he said with a roar, "Well of course! You SHOULD take it with wife!"

When I got back to Canada, everything and everybody seemed so COLD and unfriendly in our culture. It was more of a culture shock than I had ever expected, and it took me longer than expect to figure out how function in THIS world USING the wisdom I had just gleaned from another one.

In most places in on the globe, many of which have next to nothing materially comparatively, people commonly welcome strangers into their home, hearts, and dining room tables. A new friend is just a short conversation away. Sharing comes easy. Warm greetings and prayers of blessing flow quickly from the lips. People look each other in the eye and genuinely care about the well-being of near strangers. We have a lot to learn from others. I love our country... but I want to see it change.

BUT... until then...
I get fufu on Thursday!!!!!


Jenn said...

Fufu almost killed me. The dough got stuck half down my throat and half in my mouth and occluded my airway, and I resolved that I was going to die right then and there, with all the Africans watching the white girl try to eat fufu. And then later, they would laugh about how fufu killed the white girl.

But, I am a fighter. So, instead of dying in the Liberian "restaurant", I swallowed it. And thus, am able to share my story today.


Dave Carrol said...

"the day the fufu killed the white girl" would be a great country song.... if it wasn't about fufu.

Dave Carrol said...

Actually if my own sister's demise was because of fufu... it would leave me with quite a dilemma.

On one hand... it's so tasty.

On the other hand... it was the tool of my sister's demise.


but it's so tasty

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