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13 January 2009

I'm an Eskimo who eats whale blubber and seal sandwiches

Thank you Matthew Paul Turner. These are some of the kindest words that anyone who's Sunday School teacher lit a Barbie on fire to teach about hell, has ever said to a simple blubber eater like myself.

Now... where is my ice pic? I'm off to reinforce the retaining wall of my igloo.


Paul Wilkinson said...

The particular denomination my wife grew up in resulted in some scary Sunday School stories including recurring nightmares from a trio of prophecy films, but did your S.S. really set a Barbie aflame?

Somebody should do a book compiling all these stories.

Dave Carrol said...

He did actually... it's called "Churched". And it's really really funny (and a bit sad too)

Patti said...

I remember that trio of prophecy films....first and last time my dad (who was the pastor) ever showed a movie he hadn't previewed. He quietly - literally - pulled the plug on the projector partway through and regretfully announced that it was broken. :)

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