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30 January 2009

I'm sad for the WHOLE Ted Haggard thing

I'm sad for Ted. His family. His former church. The young guy who was paid to cover up Ted's secrets. The real story is beginning to trickle out... and the sorted details, media appearances, and criticisms are everywhere. But thing that has stuck out the most to me is what Anne Jackson wrote yesterday on her blog:

"he had confessed his same-sex attraction to his wife early in their marriage. he was abused by an adult male when he was really young, and that jacked him up. that was the trauma.

a few years before he began acting out on his attraction, he went to some leaders and pastors he knew. he said he was wrestling with these thoughts even more and needed their advice. some withdrew. others told him to keep his mind off of it by working harder for god.

after that, he confessed he didn’t know what to do with the struggle anymore. he desperately wanted them to be gone, and he felt like he needed to hold up the “ideal” of a perfect husband, perfect father, perfect pastor. he made the decisions to not talk, and to act out - but it goes back to show that so many times we feel like we can’t discuss our brokenness with other believers…





Mine too.


Valorosa said...

Then maybe they aren't really believers ... ;-)

Dave Carrol said...

Not true whatsoever.

They are a wonderful church full of wonderful believers... who are dealing with a trauma in their house that shook the very structure of their church.

They are flawed people, working out their salvation and actually handled the situation with amazing grace for the most part. It wasn't perfect yet... and that's what is sad yes... but how Ted's handling it isn't perfect either. But they are all believers "working out their salvation" and God has amazing grace for ALL involved.

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