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11 January 2009

The last day of "Big Blue House"

"The church" is the people; a house of living stones. But today is the last day that these living stones are going to hang out with each other inside the bright blue painted stones of the place we've come to dub "The Big Blue House". And I'm going to miss it. But it's time.

It's a wonderful thing to grow, tear down, move, progress. I'm really not a big believer in sacred spaces. In fact, when I see people getting to attached to a "thing" I think it's actually pretty healthy to tear it down and refocus on the giver of the gift. Cus there are lots of "things". One place is no better than another. BUT...

These last 5 years in the Big Blue House have been very special years for me. It's been the only church building that my 3 kids have ever known. In their mind, it's quite a common thing to have a disco ball and a bar in the church and thankfully... there will be a bar in the new one too (here's hoping all of our churches have bars). Krissy and I came back from Africa with dreams of casting off all the religious nonsense that our churches in Canada have been caught up in and doing church in freedom... allowing God to move like He wanted to. And God (as He's prone to do) gave us people to partner with and birthed Freedom House.

We just needed a house. One summer night, first Brian. Then Brian and Sharlyss. Then Brian and me. Then Sharlyss and Krissy... paid the toonie cover charge to tour through what was a big blue bar. It was totally unconventional. Kinda run down. Too small to properly grow a good church. Not in the neighborhood we expected God to lead us too... but it was perfect. Totally illogical... and totally God's plan.

So we cleaned it, changed it, and took that ground for Jesus. I remember the night, after our Sunday night service, that God told me to stick around in the building because He wanted to show me some things that had happened in the Big Blue House over the years that he wanted me to pray off the building. It was a very disturbing night, as God showed me violence, rape, drugs... in various places around our church. I spent hours interceding and asking for forgiveness and freedom for the things that had happened in the house. Funny thing is that over the years, we began to hear the stories from neighbors that lined up with the things we saw in the spirit at the beginning.

Since then, it's been the base for tears, laughter, hot dogs, beach volleyball, arguments, resolutions, music, silence, meals and hunger. It's been where the family met. It was our home. And it's time to complete the transformation of the big blue house into a cool looking, low rental housing unit that we'll be able to use even more effectively as a base, where people in tough situations can actually have a safe place to live... and neighbors around them who can share the abundant life of Christ with them. It's beautiful.

So out go the lights on Chapter 1 of Freedom House. And next Sunday, we raise the curtain of Chapter 2. This book just keeps getting better and better. You should never get comfortable in a chapter of life... because good stories are always moving.


Patti said...

An excellent, moving, post. Hang on to the stories!

Evildobbi said...

You sure do like my picture of the prayer room.. Not the first time you've used it :P

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