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20 January 2009

Rick Warren said HIS name

Would he say His name or not? Billy Graham didn't. He had a lawsuit hanging over his head because of it, and a president who wanted him to do it.

I'm not that concerned if you think that Saddleback Church is enormous. I don't care much if you think Rick Warren is trendy enough to be "relevant". Rick Warren has let the name and renown of Jesus become the desire of his soul. He blesses the poor, gives extravagantly... and has earned the right to be standing in front the world, deciding on whether or not to pray in JESUS name. Then he said it...

"I humbly ask this in the name of the one who changed my life—Yeshua, 'Isa, Jesus (Spanish), Jesus—who taught us to pray"

Awesome. It should be an OF COURSE but it wasn't. I tried to explain to my workmate, why the church was against Rick Warren being there, why so many others were against it, and why the name of Jesus was in such dispute. I couldn't though. Not without calling out the white elephant in this controversy.

Jesus is the most uniting and dividing figure in the history of the world. What you believe about him defines who you are. Jesus was not a nice, wise man, who told helpful fables. He was pretty explicit about that. You've got only three choices when it comes to Jesus:




The reason that Rick Warren couldn't just set Jesus aside and play politics, is that Jesus is Lord. As he said, "he's the one who changed my life", and that's why we all can't just keep this Jesus to ourselves. We MUST share it. He means more than any president, economy, or country ever could. Good on Rick Warren today, good on Obama today... but better on Jesus.

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