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21 January 2009

"We may not be able to hang out if you don't like..."

Now don't take this literally or send me a "You're not a good person. DON'T JUDGE ME!" email. It's just for funnsies here. But everyone's got a couple movies, shows, or albums that you like so much, that you just assume everyone else should too. 2 shows, 2 Movies and 2 Albums, Let's play...


1. Lost: No doubter here. It's got the greatest depth in characters, most thought put into the plot, wonderful script ebb and flow, and asks some very deep life questions. I think it's the only show I've ever been into, to the point where I check out what the internet nerds thought about it. Some things are debatable... the awesomeness of Lost is not. I'm not sure what we'd talk about on Thursday if you didn't watch Lost.

2. Seinfeld: I thought that it was a universally accepted fact that Seinfeld was in league all it's own... until recently when I've met a couple of people in their early 20's who don't get it... and don't like it. My brain almost exploded. I couldn't make festivus, close-talker or "IT'S THE BEAST!" jokes around these people. I'm not sure how this would work.


1. Field of Dreams: In my dating days, I knew that I couldn't be with a girl if she didn't GET Field of Dreams. Krissy got it. In fact, our first kiss started at the beginning of the credits once it faded to black... and lasted until James Horner's score finished. She passed the Field of Dreams test with flying colors.

2. Braveheart: I'll give you a mulligan on Braveheart if you're a girl... but if you're a dude and don't feel like storming out of your living room to fight for Scotland's freedom and the woman you love after watching Braveheart, we need to talk.


1. Paul Simon's Graceland / Rhythm of the Saints: They're both so amazing for the same reasons. The breathtaking sounds of American Music at it's finest, mixed with traditional African and Brazilian rhythms. One of our era's greatest songwriters at his peak.

2. Great Big Sea Road Rage: Goin off the map a bit here. East Coast Canadian music isn't everyone's cup of tea. But it likely should be. Drink that tea darn you! This was an amazing live CD that captured very well the party atmosphere of a Great Big Sea show. Lukey's Boat is painted green. Ah me boys.

So play along...
what are your 6 "We may not be able to hang out if you don't likes"


Patti said...

OK...dare I? Just for funnsies, you said...

We may not be able to hang out if you don't like -

NCIS - I don't care about CSI or Law & Order in any form - but I will not answer the phone when there's a new NCIS on.

The West Wing - BEFORE they got new writers, while Martin Sheen was still president. I don't care if all they did was walk and talk - I thought the writing was EXCELLENT!

Seinfeld - I am totally with you on that one. My personal favourite line - "Well that's because you're an idiot."

Oh, and MASH.

As far as movies go -

Signs - love the sub-story; after you watch it a few times, you realize that every single word in the movie matters, because it ties in somewhere else

Big Fish - a movie for storytellers like me!

And may I go with books instead of albums?

We may not be able to hang out if you don't like The Chronicles of Narnia. They are my "if you were on a desert island" books.

Dave Carrol said...

That's the ticket... we've all got these "I won't answer the phone when ______ is on".

Signs was a great movie. I'm with ya on that one.

I used to tell everyone in the house not to come downstairs when I was watching Field of Dreams... it wasn't to be interrupted. haha

Straz said...

1. Hellraiser (literally made me break out in a cold sweat)
2. Super Troopers ( watched it by accident and I still laugh out loud when I think about it)

Oz (prison is not a happy place, but makes for great tv)
Battlestar Galactica, current series (not only the best sci-fi show ever, the best drama on tv)

1. Anything that features the vocals of Ronnie James Dio. He sang with Sabbath and Rainbow...I even have an old gospel album he sang on. What a voice.
2. Alice Cooper. A true performer and one of the most underrated song writers in modern music. Humour, horror, heartbreak, Alice does it all and does it well.


Valorosa said...

30 Rock ... very cool

The Simpsons
satire at its best
The writers are brilliant. Doh!

Cold Case ... consciences being cleared, love the way they go back and forth in time visually.

Field of Dreams is good

Life is Beautiful is better. ;-)

The Passion

Braveheart won my heart ...
I'm a Scottish gal.

Charlie Wilson's War was QUITE interesting.

You're weird with a big ear.

Hope FH is all you hope it will be.

Dave Carrol said...

LOVE Life is Beautiful. 10 times better with in Italian with subtitles too.

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