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12 January 2009


We were being stupid with friends the other day... when for no reason, we began to talk about Wisconsin. We all gave our best Wisconsin story. Here's mine:

Back when I was in high school, for some reason once you turned 17 you could write your own notes to sign out of class. I of course, being a dufus, made this a regular occasion. I would write them specifically to try and make the secretary laugh (remember... I'm a dufus). This was my crowning achievement that I still remember word for word.

"Dear Peggy.
I believe there is no greater tragedy in life than when one's education is compromised purely for the pursuit of one's personal pleasure. Yet, as the seasons change, so must I go. I'm off to Wisconsin. I'll bring you back some cheese.
Love Dave"

God bless the great state of Wisconsin and it's bountiful production of dairy products that Americans from coast to coast enjoy every day. Squeeze an udder for me today friends.

Squeeze an udder for me.

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