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18 February 2009

24/7 Prayer in Canada

I'm looking forward to this weekend as the National Leadership team of 24/7 Prayer in Canada is getting together in Niagara on the Lake to dream and scheme. Strategic prayer meetings are my favorite kind of prayer meetings. Muhaha...

I love listening to what God is saying... then discerning His plans and strategies.
These days, I really believe that:

God WANTS cities that will be harbors of HIS glory. Cities filled with a spiritual mosaic of people who will pray without ceasing for "His Kingdom come". People who will allow God to dream His dream through them. People who with give and serve prophetically to see holistic spiritual climate change in our nation.

  • Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts
  • Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into part

This is a big weekend in Canada, as "The Cry" let's er loose in St. Johns. The historical foundation point in Canada, filled with prophets and passionates crying out "prepare ye the way of Lord!" It's a neat God co-incidence (or as Brian says, "the luck of the Lord") that we're meeting the same weekend.

Here's the thing I LOVE about 24/7 Prayer. It's about EVERYONE. Everyone having the same voice. One voice with many flavors. It's about people finding their own unique "Boomdiada" and

  • Praying with it
  • Worshiping with it
  • Serving with it
  • Making disciples with it

It's a recipe that very easily CAN be embraced by THE Church in a city. Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate... coming together under the banner of Neapolitan Ice Cream/Jesus. It's been an absolute in any truly significant move of God that actually effected an entire city. The believers coming together and being in unity. I love it when God moves in a room... a sanctuary... an arena. But the thing that makes me dream... is God moving EVERYWHERE man can step foot in a city, because his people are there to share Him... who IS good.

The Vision... inspires me more every time I hear it.

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