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16 February 2009

Ain't no Nimrod gonna steal my Boomdiada

I preached yesterday about Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. My Dad used to called people Nimrod's. I loved the word then, and I still love it today. Say it with me... Nimrod. Awesome.

Nimrod's grandpa was Noah. He was also the 3rd in the line of those who "ruined it for everyone". First there was Eve. She REALLY ruined it for everyone and loosed sin into the world. Then there was everyone from Cain and Abel until the time of Noah. They sucked at life so bad that God had to wipe out the population of the planet and gave the earth their one mulligan.

That was nice of Him.

The mandate that rested on Noah and his kids, was to do it right. Nimrod didn't do a great job really. He was the first "great man" of the post flood world. He planted cities... including Babylon (and eventually Nineveh). Speculation is that he was actually one of the results of the Man/Nephilim sexual escapades talked about in Genesis 6. It's also likely that he was the original Baal (of Baal worship fame). Nimrod thought a lot of himself and decided to build the tower of Babel in Genesis 11. What a Nimrod eh?

So here's where he "ruined it for everyone". Everyone in the world spoke one language. We GOT each other. We were in unity. And decided to use that unity to glorify ourselves... via Nimrod.

6-9 God took one look and said, "One people, one language; why, this is only a first step. No telling what they'll come up with next—they'll stop at nothing! Come, we'll go down and garble their speech so they won't understand each other." Then God scattered them from there all over the world. And they had to quit building the city.

Really? So THIS is why we don't GET each other these days? This was God's plan? Misunderstanding between languages, cultures, giftings, denominations, brothers, colours... have seemingly created immense chaos in our world from Babylon to Brantford.

There must be an answer. And I think THIS is it (in a metaphorical sense at least).

Isn't that awesome? The world and the people in it are pretty Boomdiada aren't they? The harmony and unity IN differences are absolutely beautiful.

It's pretty clear that our differences aren't going to ever disappear. Even in Revelation when we see pictures of heaven, it talks about "every tribe, every tongue, and every nation" all praising God. There is something spectacularly powerful about coming together and dancing together... using the dance we've been given.

And I think it's for "such a time as this". Our personal passions, or "Boomidiada" as we've been calling at Freedom House these days, (because of the awesome Discovery Channel commercial) are tickets into the corners of the world where people who need Jesus wait in-lock for someone with a key to come and free them.

On today's Elijah list, Bobby Connor wrote, "These are defining decisive days of transformation and change. No one will remain neutral - there is no middle ground. This is the year you will make great advance or fall far behind in the Kingdom of God." And I agree with this.

For a long time, the church has been S0 consumed with ourselves. And it's not healthy. It's what caused Eve to eat the fruit. It's what caused sin in action to force God into the flood, and motivated Nimrod to build a tower... for HIS own name and renown. But ain't no Nimrod gonna steal my Boomdiada!!!! THE Revolution that is afoot in the church these days, is the long-standing reality (that for some reason we're JUST getting) that we're ALL called and anointed as ministers, missionaries, prophets, and carrier of the Holy Spirit and subsequently, FREEDOM! And we all need each other to make this thing happen. Keep it down, but there are A LOT of humans on this planet. And we're all stunningly different.

I need you and your Boomdiada passions... and you need mine.

When God "confused" people's speech in Babylon... could it have been that he actually had a plan? A plan to set up a mass mobilization of a last days, "fields are white", really gonna do this thing army with the tools to get into EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING?

What great days to be alive.

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