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23 February 2009

Best lines from the weekend

Three days together talking about the deep things and laughing at the little ones, always means some great lines.

"You're Neat"

God to a 24/7er

"It's such a one way marriage with God. He's so always committed to us and we're so always uncommitted to Him"
My new friend Nate from Regina

"It's very YouTube. You haven't actually seen it but you feel connected to it"
My new friend Aaron from Vancouver about the viral nature of 24/7 Prayer

"Never mix spiritual gifts... like the laying on of tongues."
That one was awesome.

"We must have passionate patience"
My new friend Andy from Calgary

"Pray your personality"
Brian Beattie

Person #1: Did you see the movie Step Brothers?
rson #2: Nope... did you like it?
Person #1:
I don't remember

But maybe the best words of wisdom from the weekend came from Mrs. Annie Taylor in 1901. We took the elevator under Niagara Falls so those who are accustomed to only seeing miles and miles of wheat could see the rushing water from below. Of course... being winter... it was frozen. But there was a very funny plaque telling the story of Annie Taylor, the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

After it was done, this is what she said...

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