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5 February 2009

Coffee Shop musings

I'm sitting in Williams in the Market Square, getting ready for a youth retreat I get to do this weekend up near Algonquin Park. One of the things I'm going to ask this weekend is, "What is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen or heard"?

Me... it was Paul Simon singing with Ladysmith Black Mambazo. So I'm sitting here listening to their beautiful sounds on "Jogli" as I put the finishing touches on my weak, man faulty powerpoint shows that fail so miserably to capture the majesty of heaven.

African music makes me hurt for the spiritual barrenness of Canada and reminds me that I'm not home here. It echos in my spirit. Makes me LONG. Makes me want more than our culture and it's flesh-candy can give.

African culture doesn't do it either. I tried... I loved it... and it was closer. But African music makes me long for my REAL home. HOME home. Where we'll sing and dance as one. Where we don't have to fight the corrupt. Where peace lives and freedom reigns. Where the fight has been won and gatorade has been dumped.

I get counter-culture glimpses of heaven in my "weirdo" reactions and feelings. Like, seeing teenagers get the idea to give away lightbulbs to people in dark apartments... exciting me to the point where it's worth more than what it's gonna cost to buy the lightbulbs.

I believe in prosperity... live by day to day by financial faith... and it's well with my soul.

I want my kids to be completely free to roam about the earth. I hope they do dangerous, radical things that require abandon.

Scattered thoughts... but honestly, we shouldn't be satisfied with what we have or what we can achieve with our own planning skills. Back to work...

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