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13 February 2009

Goin Honky Tonkin

This morning, I woke knowing that today was a day that I never thought would happen. Today, I add another item to the "Things I said I'd never do but did" list. That list now includes:

1. Burying the dead / Coffin surfing.
2. Eat at McDonald's again.
3. Wear black shoes willingly.
4. Change the channel to Dora the Explorer during a Redskins game.

And today's entry... GO TO A COUNTRY CONCERT. Tonight for Unvalentines Day (who's definition I'm stretching a little this year) I'm taking my wife to see Brad Paisley in concert. I'll be honest. I couldn't name you 1 song he sings. But every time I hear a DJ say, "that was Brad Paisley" I think... "That was pretty good". And honest moment #2... I got the tickets for free. But WE ARE going!

My policy used to be "I'd rather be on fire than listen to country music". I mean... I hear bad things about being on fire, but I stood by my comparison. I have no idea if there is a governmentally legislated chemical change that happens when you turn 30, but the day of my milestone birthday a couple of years ago, I was flipping by a country station and stopped. Listened. And I kinda dug it. It was (and is) inexplicable.

Thinking about it this morning, the image of Harlan Pepper singing Hank William's "Honky Tonkin" from Best in Show rolled through the not too deep parts of my subconscious. Nah... I won't be worried until I start listing my favorite nuts.

Neither of us are big country "fans" per say, and this fact bugs my sister, who is, to no end that we have free tickets to the big show in town. She thinks we'll just make fun of it. Nah... I think it will be fun. There will be no Stetson on my head, spurs on my heels or Yee Haw's coming from my lips... but I'm gonna have an increasingly free, strong, beautiful and FUN girl on my arm.

I have more fun hanging with my wife than at any point in our 13 year relationship. Being able to sit and laugh at / appreciate whatever interesting situation we find ourselves in, is a wonderful thing to experience. Not everything in life is serious. Being able to just play together with your buddy, your partner, your lover... just playing together. I love it.


Valorosa said...

It's so nice to see a marriage working so well ... :-)

You are a breath of fresh air blogger friend.

HasTheVoice.com said...
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HasTheVoice.com said...

Brad Paisley is good Dave! My wife really likes his song "I'm Still A Guy."

Our lead pastor at Willow Park Church in Kelowna likes to poke fun at country music fans - so I took it upon myself to have a "little fun" at his expense last year:

Jeff said...


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