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9 February 2009

I think JP Ricciardi should be tested for steriods... or crack

Wow. JP Ricciardi is cuckoo bananas. This is today's article on the Toronto Blue Jays website called "Jays head to spring optimistic for 2009General manager Ricciardi says his club could surprise in AL East"

Honestly... let's look at this delusional tripe.

"We've got guys in place that are proven players. I wouldn't say that we're rebuilding, I just think they have to be what they are. I think we could surprise some people."


A) Not rebuilding. Well that's right... since the team is still pretty much old, overpaid... and underachieving.
B) Have to be what they are... Really? You want that?
C) Surprise people? Really? Who? The people who think the Jays have a chance... like you?

"It's kind of a shootout in Spring Training," said Ricciardi, whose club was the only team not to sign a Major League free agent this offseason. "We'll see who pitches well enough to maybe take the job."

Yeah... pretty much rotation spots 2-5 are open. So here's the shootout roster

Matt Clement - Scrapheap Hopeful.
Mike Maroth- Major League baseball record holder for most losses in a season
Ken Takahashi- Ken is a 39 year old moderately successful, left handed Japanese, wash up.
Jesse Litsch- Here's hopin for a .500 year. Just sayin that he got sent to the minors last year and couldn't take the #5 spot.
David Purcey- Had 2 great games. Fingers crossed. But don't cross them too hard OK?
Casey Janssen- Was a great reliever 2 years ago. I'll bet he gets a spot.
Scott Richmond- Really? Well... he's... ummm... Canadian
Brett Cecil, Brad Mills and Ricky Romero- The not yet or never will be readies. Cecil's got a shot... but don't get your hopes TOO high.
Brian Burres- Baltimore scrap heap pickup. Nuf said.

So good luck shootin' out there boys.

"I think we're going to be better offensively," Ricciardi said. "From the start of Spring Training, we'll address some of the things that maybe we haven't done in the past. I'm hoping we're a better club offensively."

What in the sweet merciful craps does that mean??? What have you NOT done in the last 7 years of sucking? Like batting practice? Lemon Lime Gatorade? "Special" Sunflower seeds? Funny how his own BS meter went off between the beginning and end of this quote. He went from "thinking" they'll be better offensively to "hoping" it.

I'm a pretty optimistic Jays fan most years. I love cheering for my team in the spring and summer. I miss cheering for them in the fall. I think that this year... I'm gonna watch some more Cubs games.


Eric said...

Anyone else want the Jays to sign "The Big Donkey"? He'd be a good fit, in so many ways!

Patti said...

Wow - you know it's good writing when I thoroughly enjoy the post, even though I don't care about the Jays or baseball!

Thanks for the laugh. :)

Dave Carrol said...

haha... thanks Patti.

Every now and again I rant a little baseball. It's my sound of summer.

mmmmmm... summer...mmmmmmm

Patti said...

I start ranting in spring....about my garden. Consider yourself forewarned.


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