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17 February 2009

New Look

Krissy was out tonight... and it sucks going to bed with no Krissy there. So I've changed my blog look. Like it? It's not totally up and going yet. But it's something new to play with!


Patti said...

I thought you were going to say that Krissy was out tonight, getting a new look! haha

Looks good - I like it!

Dave Carrol said...

The sad part about that is

A)I've done that before
B)Once she got home, I was half way through playing with the blog thingy... and I couldn't go to sleep without solving the problems I was having... soooooo I stayed up until 2:30


Johnny said...

Looks really nice, Dave.



Dave Carrol said...

Thanks Johnny!

Anonymous said...

I like it.
A. Lot.


Jeff said...

I like it! Looks good! Where did you get it from? I've been meaning to get around to changing my blog's style for some time now...

Dave Carrol said...

Hey Jeff... I found the blog template here


Just searched around for something different. I kinda like it too!

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