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27 February 2009

Prayer was 2.0 before Facebook

Over the next couple of days, along with the rest of the 24/7 Prayer National Leadership Team (and you if you're a blogger), we're going to be blogging about something we already blog about (only more often)... 24/7 Prayer in Canada. After spending a couple of years somewhat underground, we believe that God has loosed our "movement" into public action again. In this time... for a reason.

It's a very viral kind of prayer. It was web 2.0 before Facebook was. But then again, so was Christianity. It just spreads... because it's just RIGHT. Praying around the clock seems ludicrous on the surface. But there is something almost subversive and intoxicating about REALLY seeking the face of God for your city. When you're in the middle of a week of non-stop prayer, surrounded by a group who all want an audience with a living God, each adding what they've personally been given to use, to see a city TRANSFORMED... it's powerful.

It's powerful in the moment... but it's far more than that. Because it spreads.

  • It spreads in you. Touching God personally changes us to be more like Him
  • It spreads to others. Unexpected people (given the chance to just talk with God in their own voice) will catch the dream. God's dream.
  • It spreads to your city. Funny thing is, prayer works. When you ask God for your city... He hears and starts fires.
Theologians and skeptics will say that it's naive. But we pray... lots...because prayer works. Trust me on this one, people rarely refuse prayer. And God never will. Want proof that 24/7 Prayer is viral? What started as a few punk dreamers praying back in 2000... RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT has 90 groups praying around the earth!

24 7 Australia (AU)
40 days of pray (US)
Aarhus Valgmenighed (DK)
American Indian College (US)
Amherst Christian Fellowship (US)
Appalachian State Prayer (US)
Apple of Earth (US)
Belfast Aldersgate House (IE)
Book of John (US)
Center City Church (US)
Chinese house church (IN)
Christ (UG)
City Gate Lancaster (US)
Cork Haven Centre (IE)
CSULB Prayer Team (US)
daily prayer request (IN)
Dublin Trinity College (IE)
Dunlaoire (IE)
Elim Pentecostal Church Coventry (UK)
Faith (US)
Faith Prayer Chain (US)
Family (UK)
From the Mustard Seed (US)
Fuel the Movement (SG)
Galway (IE)
Gods Friends (US)
Grandkids (US)
Greater Toledo House of Prayer (US)
Habitation of Praise (US)
Homestead House of Prayer (US)
Hopkinsville House Of Prayer (US)
House of Hope (SD)
IHOP Atlanta (US)
IHOP Clearwater (US)
IHOP Cleveland (US)
International Prayer And Intercession Room (ZA)
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (US)
ISU Wesley Foundation (US)
Joshua House of Prayer (US)
JosiahHOP (US)
Kibworth Christians Together (UK)
Kingdom Life Ministries (US)
KPC Youth (UG)
LivingStone House of Prayer (US)
lonesomedoves (US)
Manila prays (PH)
Massiah (US)
Millersville Prayer Warriors (US)
Minnesota The Upper Room in Dinkytown at University of MN (US)
Missionaries of Prayer (US)
Moose Jaw Prayer (CA)
my self (CA)
New Town UMC Youth (US)
North West Breakthrough (UK)
Onething Prayer Centre (NZ)
Onkaparinga Combined Churches (AU)
Orlando House Of Prayer (US)
Pray Amarillo HOP (US)
Prayer Fast International Ministries (US)
Prayer for the City of Oulu (FI)
Prayer group (US)
Project 7 (AU)
Roots Cafe (US)
Sahdev (AU)
shalyn (US)
SHF Youth (US)
Signs and Wonders House of Prayer (US)
St Mark and St Shenoda Church (EG)
Stellenberg Kerk (ZA)
stphillipsandstjames (UK)
Tasmania Division (AU)
The Oasis of Tampa Bay (US)
The Prayer Room (US)
the storehouse (US)
The Tribe (US)
Touching the Nations (PH)
University of Northern Colorado (US)
UT Arlington UTA 24 7 Prayer Site (US)
UW Madison Prayer 09 (US)
Wings of Fiith Prayer group (IN)
YFC Bray (IE)
ymm (IN)
zhanghuike (NZ)

And that's just who has registered at 24-7prayer.com.
Canada is coming alive again online at 24-7prayer.ca
We'll be blogging and sharing stories and video at 24-7prayer.ca over the next little while as we stir up and share what God's doing across the country!
We want to touch base with the groups who have been praying too! If you are one or know one, shoot me an email davec@24-7prayer.ca , leave a blog link, tell your story, find us on twitter here, or hook up to our facebook group here.

As the 2.0 world gets filled up with stories and dreams about what a nation, changed by prayer... don't forget to share someone else's story

Aaaanndd go!


Anonymous said...

i was in staines with e2w with mr nate polsfut when we started the west london boiler room. Now im in weyburn, saskatchewan, over 4500 miles and a few years since that blessed time and now we are starting "some of that prayer stuff" here on the prairies. What is really exciting is that people who have only just discovered this prayer movement are growing in passion to take part. So we are in the early days and managed to get the beginnings of a small team but praying for more people especially the teens i work with to grab hold of God's heart for this province and country. We are in an area full of deep oil wells but we are praying for deep spiritual wells!! C'mon!! Bracky

Dave Carrol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave Carrol said...

Hey Bracky... very cool to hear. What brought you to Weyburn? I just hung out with Nate from Regina who is heading up the Saskatchewan Regional 24/7 team. You should try to touch base with him

his name is Nate. Shoot me an email davec@24-7prayer.ca and I'll shoot you his contact info. We're trying to get people with a heart to pray together in Canada!

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