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19 February 2009

Saddam good Dorito

For many moons, Doritos have been steeped in awesome-sauce. Now they've come up with a GREAT advertising campaign to boot. It's called, "Become the Doritos Guru". You just buy a bag of mystery flavored Doritos that looks like this.

Then you name the new flavor and come up with the advertising campaign for it. The winner gets 25,000$ and 1% of future sales of your flavor. Great idea Senior Dorito!

So I eats me a Dorito...
And thinks to myself...
What was this sweet twangy nacho with a subtle twist of understated heat destined to be called?
Then it came to me.
I present to you...


It's perfect. Remember when the former dictator of Iraq was imprisoned in the USA? According to his prison guard,

"He liked to snack on Cheetos, until someone brought him a bag of Doritos, which he took silently into a corner and ate in a hurry.

Reports were that Saddam could down a large bag of Doritos in 10 minutes. Wow! Now that's a man who loves him some sweet hot Dorito action. And just imagine the star power that Saddam Hussain could bring to this campaign! Who is more recognizable than Saddam?

There is the slight issue of his mortality... but not to worry. There are MANY lookalikes around America looking for work in these tough economic times.

I feel... deep inside of me... that this was MEANT to be.


lyn's lyrics and lifenotes said...

That's hilarious Dave. Hope you win!

Heidi Reed said...

Uh, good luck with that.

Very funny post!!

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