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7 February 2009

Up North

We're so far north that we passed more snowmobiles on the road than cars on the way in. But I love that this camp Magnetawan has wireless internet. It's supposed to be 7 degrees in Brantford tomorrow. Ummm... not so much here.

Youth Retreats are fun though. I started them off light while a little fluffy story about juju men in Ghana trying to blow poison darts into the feet of students, but it not being successful on Christians because of the blood of Jesus. Yep... nice bedtime story!

It's fun because I'm doing the youth retreat for the youth group of a girl who I went to elementary school and high school with. We didn't know each other super-well but now as adults, we share a love for the same Jesus. It's wonderful. Seeing teenagers GET the whole Jesus thing is such a great feeling. Especially as an adult who has already chosen. We go through trials and ups and downs... but our choice is made. It's in the teenage years where choices are made. As an adult, we wish it was a magic button we could just press for the teens we grow to love. I wish I had one.

The youth who I've led over the last 13 years, have blessed me, surprised me, broken my heart, pissed me off... and also blown my mind. Some that used to struggle are now some of my closest friends and ministry partners! And some who I was sure GOT IT... bailed. Aborted mission. And it still bugs me today.

Investing in youth is SO important. It's such a crucial time in life that can suck so badly. I think that youth leaders do it mostly... for the same reason we as Christians sacrifice anything... because we know God is real and we can sense that his will is that NONE would perish... and we know that we're His hands and feet.

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