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17 February 2009

Wolfe and Montcalm DON'T ride again?

I understand that most Canadian kids didn't have a history and geography teacher as a father.
I understand that most Canadian kids road trips didn't consist of identifying drumlins and touring historical landmarks. I understand that most Canadian kids evenings weren't spent watching Jeopardy, playing chess, discussing Pierre Burton's "The Last Spike" and the formation of our country.

But come on now...

If you even WENT to school in Canada, you know about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Even if you don't know what it is... you HAVE heard of it right? Now I understand that you may not have taken a trip to Quebec to see the battlefield or had a painting of the death of Wolfe hanging in your family room (like I did) but come on... we ALL know it was an important moment for Canada right?

So why the hooch are they canceling a 250th anniversary celebration of the battle this summer?? The official answer is because the separatists are mad. They say, it's an "insulting reminder of their ancestors" and it's "federalist propaganda". They threatened violence (always a mature move) and the organizers bailed.

But... but but but...
It happened.
It molded what is now the Canada you live in (but are trying to separate from).
Not that I GET the dress up and reenact battles thing but... but but but....
It's history. It happened. Sorry bout that.
Actually no I'm not.

I like French culture. English speaking Canada SHOULD have more respect for our fellow countrymen. But this is what I really dislike about separatism. I think it's a travesty that a separatist political party (and it's supporting grass roots radicals) have this much pull in a country. The worst part of it, is that because of it... it creates unnecessary National animosity towards the unique culture that they are fighting to have recognized and honored. It's very short sighted and it's logic is folly. And even that aside, in the "pick your battles" department, threatening violence over a 250th anniversary of one of the only well-known Canadian historical happenings... might be a TOUCH on the "stupide" side.


Jeff said...

I agree with you in one sense, Dave. I mean, it's a part of Canadian history, so there's no sense in making a big deal about it. But at the same time, I can kind of see their point of view...I mean, these people want to re-enact a battle where the French lose...on Quebec soil. It's almost like a slap in the face. We generally don't do re-enactments of forcing the Natives onto reserves, or of rounding up Japanese families and putting them in the internment camps. It's a part of our history, but not something we should necessarily be proud of.

I think that the parts of history that should be celebrated are the parts where Canadians, both English and French, worked together to achieve a unified nation - not the parts where they were divided and bitter. Our unity is what should be emphasized. Because Canada is just that cool!

Valorosa said...

It IS a wonder that this hasn't happened long before now.

LOL on the violence thing.

Dave Carrol said...

Nah man... you think this kind of thing would happen in the states? You know how many civil war recreations there are? North and South.

A friend of mine told me there was a family guy episode about Peter going to a Civil War recreation in the South where they pretended the south won. It's a joke.

The field of the Plains of Abraham are already a huge monument. It's not as if it's a hidden obscure field. People come from all over the country to see it and learn about it. It's a tourist destination. So picking something like this to raise a stink about is nothing but blatant grandstanding to further a divisive separatist agenda... which is the opposite of unity.

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