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31 March 2009

The Shlog, The Ragamuffin, and Me

Singer Shawn Groves on his "Schlog" the other day... told an amazing story of "Phil Vischer's Jesus". Phil was one of the Veggie Tales guys who's really successful (both financially and in ministry) company Big Idea went under. And it went under... because God led him there.

"The more I dove into Scripture, the more I realized I had been deluded. I had grown up drinking a dangerous cocktail - a mix of the gospel, the Protestant work ethic, and the American dream… The Savior I was following seemed, in hindsight, equal parts Jesus, Ben Franklin, and Henry Ford. My Eternal value was rooted in what I could accomplish.”

He eventually concluded that the Christian life...

“wasn’t about impact; it was about obedience.”

Very cool lessons learned by an impactful man in the Kingdom of God. God's economy is different than ours. Also read a great blog today on Ragamuffinsoul.com by Carlos Whittaker from Buckhead Church in Atlanta. It's called, "You're growing? Well She's Dying"

This is taken from Skye Jethani’sThe Divine Commodity” which is required reading for any Ragamuffin.

“In 1990 approximately 20% the population (of America) attended church on any given weekend. By 2004 the figure had dropped to 17%. If the trend continues, by 2050 only 11% of Americans will attend church. Although megachurches have multiplied across the fruited plains, the numbers show that Christianity in America has been consolidating and not exploding”.

Now hear me.
I work for a “megachurch”.
I love my “megachurch”.
But in 2050, when I’m old and wrinkly, I want my grand kids to see the hope of glory and the beauty of His bride.
The Church.
Perry Noble said something at Unleash in reference to denominations shrinking. Something akin to if it were their money that was shrinking, there would be a strategy in place to fix it yesterday.
That is some truth spittin’ double slap right there.
The “Church” is shrinking.
Some of our “churches” are not.
So instead of feeling comfortable about our local church growth, I think we need to step back and take a look from the roof of your local town hall.
Holy crap. The church in America is dying.

I was talking with my friend Daria last night in our prayer room about The Kingdom of God and how vital it is to not JUST be happy playing our own role in it... but how we need to be intentional in how we work to release others in THEIR destiny. Lateral church growth is nearly going backwards. Because it means someone else bailing on an old community and picking up just a little more baggage in the process. We need revival. Real growth.

Revival won't come from cultural relevance. Can we now all admit this was a scam? Revival comes from obedient vessels who don't care about their own fame or success crying out to God... and doing what He says regardless.

Isaiah 26:8

Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws,
we wait for you;

your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.

30 March 2009

Now Open!

Now Open!
Originally uploaded by PEEJ0E.
What a cool thing that's going on at the City Center this week. Our cafe is open to come, eat, drink, chat... at the same time that a 24/7 Prayer Room is churning on the other side of the wall. Prayer and food in a beautiful melange of awesomeness.

I hear that some people today came for coffee and wound up asking for the rag tag group of Punk Monks to pray for them.

Prayer is amazing. Sometimes we sleep better knowing someone else cares enough to fight for us.

I'm telling you... God's up to something

Monday Monday

From Freedom House's Blog:

The Mamas and the Papas in their "Monday Monday" song wrote:

Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be
Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee
That Monday evening you would still be here with me.

Such a stark contrast to a Monday morning in a 24/7 Prayer room. Because you KNOW that God...
  • Was
  • Is
  • Will be later
... with us. Last night I heard that God was birthing some wonderful new life-streams in Freedom House Friends and their relationships with each other while in prayer. On the computer this morning, these words of God's encouragement were left:

"God Showed Me In This Hour Of Prayer That No Matter What The Situation, I Can Fully Rely On Him. Instead Of Getting Discouraged, And Quitting. Or Stressing Out. I Can Ask In His Name, And Whether I Like The Outcome Or Not He Has Plans For My Life, And I Can’t Wait To See What GOD Has In Store!!!"


"Clean your slate. As you come in to pray this week, spend at least one session like I did today. Think nothing. Lay aside hurts, wants, pains and requests. Linger in His presence and listen for His heartbeat. He will renew your spirit"

For Christmas a couple of years ago, my Mom gave me Oswald Chambers "My Utmost for His Highest". You've got to check out what today's entry is. Such a fantastic reminder of what we're up to this week.

Holiness V. Hardness Towards God

“And He … wondered that there was no intercessor.”
Isaiah 59:16

The reason many of us leave off praying and become hard towards God is because we have only a sentimental interest in prayer. It sounds right to say that we pray; we read books on prayer which tell us that prayer is beneficial, that our minds are quieted and our souls uplifted when we pray; but Isaiah implies that God is amazed at such thoughts of prayer.

Worship and intercession must go together, the one is impossible without the other. Intercession means that we rouse ourselves up to get the mind of Christ about the one for whom we pray. Too often instead of worshiping God, we construct statements as to how prayer works. Are we worshiping or are we in dispute with God - "I don't see how You are going to do it." This is a sure sign that we are not worshiping. When we lose sight of God we become hard and dogmatic. We hurl our own petitions at God's throne and dictate to Him as to what we wish Him to do. We do not worship God, nor do we seek to form the mind of Christ. If we are hard towards God, we will become hard towards other people.

Are we so worshiping God that we rouse our selves up to lay hold on Him so that we may be brought into contact with His mind about the ones for whom we pray? Are we living in a holy relationship to God, or are we hard and dogmatic?

"But there is no one interceding properly" - then be that one yourself, be the one who worships God and who lives in holy relationship to Him. Get into the real work of intercession, and remember it is a work, a work that taxes every power; but a work which has no snare. Preaching the gospel has a snare; intercessory prayer has none.

29 March 2009

It begins

It's a very interesting thing to experience around the clock prayer. Because it's so together and so individual at the same time.

It's individual because we all have our own style. Our own passions. Our own music. Our own art... our own dance.

It's together because it's a team of people all in common purpose. Common God. Common humanity. Common frailty. Common task.

The task: "Hear from Heaven". Chris Jones spoke this morning at Freedom House and made some wonderfully insightful points about how God doesn't NEED us... He wants us. He wants us to hear the heartbeat of heaven and do like Jesus did.

John 5:
19-20So Jesus explained himself at length. "I'm telling you this straight. The Son can't independently do a thing, only what he sees the Father doing. What the Father does, the Son does. The Father loves the Son and includes him in everything he is doing.

I'm going to try and spend as much time as I can in our prayer room this next week. Not because prayer works better there... but because all too often we don't quiet ourselves and really interact with God. REALLY hear what God's saying. REALLY be in the place where we're ready and willing to respond to God's heart tugs. Really press past our surface thoughts to dig into the Garden of Wisdom.

When I asked God this morning for a taste of what the Father was saying, this is what I heard...

As Chris was saying this morning, it's not about ME being able to be or do anything. It seems foolish to think that prayer can transform. It seems like long odds. But prayer is about God being able to do anything through faith-filled, humble, broken, warrior poets... because he's GOD.

Follow along with what God's saying in the prayer room at www.freedomhousebrantford.blogspot.com. Email dave@freedomhouse.ca if you have a prayer request that you'd like people to be praying for around the clock or for the link to sign up for an hour.


Just pop by and check it out... we're having a coffeehouse at the Freedom House City Center all week 10-4. Stop in for coffee or dessert.

27 March 2009

Setting up the Prayer Room

24/7 Prayer Canada: Cities

Written for ... www.24-7prayer.ca

In the 80's and 90's stories of complete city transformations began to trickle out of places like Brazil, Columbia and Argentina. Men like Ed Silvoso (Harvest Evangelism) told of cities like Resistencia Argentina where after strategic, focused, and persistent prayer... God brought complete and holistic (Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts) transformation to every area of city life. With a population of 400,000, they went from 5,143 believers in 70 congregations... to 100,000 Christians in the city, and 220,000 in the province, making it the most evangelical province in the nation over a relatively short period of time.

Ed Silvoso says, "Today there are cities where it is difficult for sinners to go to hell because the Church has learned to pastor entire cities." How amazing is that?

Cities have long been on the heart of God. In Acts 1:8, Jesus told his followers, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

He sent them into the cities, with the power and authority of the Holy Spirit to see him Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. And here we are today, in Canadian cities that bare little resemblance to the stories of Resistencia let alone the Kingdom of God. Stats Can says that 4 out of 5 now live in the city... a greater percentage than ever before. It sounds like a daunting task to see a city transformed doesn't it. Luckily... we've got the game-breaker. Prayer.

In every successful city transformation, there has been one common element. The BIG C Church (Christians of all description and flavor) praying in unity. Psalm 133: 1-3 paints a beautiful picture of city unity with the end result being "Commanded Blessing"

1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
For brethren to dwell together in unity!

2 It is like the precious oil upon the head,
Running down on the beard,
The beard of Aaron,
Running down on the edge of his garments.

3 It is like the dew of Hermon,
Descending upon the mountains of Zion;
For there the LORD commanded the blessing—
Life forevermore.

In seeking God for what His heartbeat is for 24/7 Prayer in Canada, God pointed us in the direction of cities. We're called to instigate persistent prayer IN our cities FOR our cities. Prayer to see our cities become harbors of HIS glory. Prayer that our cites will be filled with a spiritual mosaic of people who will pray without ceasing for "His Kingdom come". People who will allow God to dream His dream through them. People who with give and serve prophetically to see holistic spiritual climate change in our nation.

How does God do "The Big stuff"? We do what we've been asked to do. We pray.

2 Chronicles 7:14

14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Our week of Prayer in Brantford begins this Sunday... and runs non stop through next Sunday. Sign up for your hours today. If you need the link to the sign up sheet... email me dave@freedomhouse.ca

24 March 2009

La Vita Bella

I think that the understanding "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", undercuts the depth of beauty. By dictionary definition, beauty happens when man receives "deep satisfaction to the mind". It's seems a wrong however, to restrict beauty by the limitations of our hazy, lazy eyes.

I read an engrossing story from the Washington Post today called "Pearls Before Breakfast". For 43 minutes, internationally acclaimed violin virtuoso Joshua Bell played some of the longest standing masterpieces ever composed on a violin made in 1730, worth $3.5 million... in a DC subway station at rush hour.

What happened, was sadly predictable. Most people hustled along their path from here to get there. A few actually noticed Bell. A couple stopped for a moment and only one knew him by named and couldn't believer her fortune to encounter something this grand in the most obscure of scenarios.

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

-- from "Leisure," by W.H. Davies

This is where I think "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" falls down. Beauty is too rich to be confined by our perception of it. What was happening in this subway station WAS beautiful whether it was sensed or not. A few saw it, and as a result, got to frolic in the beauty pool. If you choose to think past the visceral level, beauty abounds. Sometimes we can only see it when we stand and stare.

The plastic bag scene in American Beauty is a powerful demonstration of abounding beauty waiting to be beheld.

It was one of those days when it's a minute away from snowing and there's this electricity in the air, you can almost hear it. And this bag was, like, dancing with me. Like a little kid begging me to play with it. For fifteen minutes. And that's the day I knew there was this entire life behind things, and... this incredibly benevolent force, that wanted me to know there was no reason to be afraid, ever. Video's a poor excuse, I know. But it helps me remember... and I need to remember... Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in.
Ricky Fitts

In Slip Slidin' Away... Paul Simon wrote, "My love for you is so overpowering I'm afraid that I'll disappear". It's long been a bit of a benchmark for me. I hold it as a picture of where I'd like to be in relationship with my wife, my world and my God. To be so enraptured by creation that I'm engulfed by the vast majesty of the Kingdom.

It's the longing of creation. It's being drawn, as if magnetically, towards beauty and the hope of GOOD.

La Vita Bella...
Life is Beautiful

23 March 2009

Hide it under a bushel?

"It ain't the parts of the Bible that I can't understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand"
Mark Twain

Sometimes when "doing church" you think to yourself... I hope Bill Maher doesn't show up with a documentary crew today. I'm not really talking about Old Testament Elijah making poo fires, laying on his side in the public square stuff here. I mean the simple stuff. Like James 5:4 kinda things.

"Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord."

Have you ever seen the face of someone exploring the church world for the first time when their buddy gets up and begins dumping generic brand olive oil on people while praying in languages they don't understand, causing otherwise rational people to fall on the ground and do the hippy hippy shake? "Leaving so soon? Please sign the guestbook and make sure you leave us your email address so we can sign you up for a small group happy seeker friend!"

I've been on both sides of this debate. And it's not a simple answer really. Do you do your Holy dance behind closed doors and pretend that God is a motivational speaker who talks in 20 minute segments and just wants you to make more money and have better sex? Or throw that bushel right off (OH NO!) and go into 4 hour harp and bowl, intercession scream-fests with wordless worship slow-jams. Clearly the answer lies between. Clearly.

But the words that have been in my spirit lately are... "This is what we have been given." We're GIVEN instructions. We're given methods. When people are sick... God says to call the elders of the church, anoint them with oil and pray for the sick! The next verse says, "15And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up." Cool! That seems like a good thing since Dr Dave don't do surgery. Luckily I've been given something that I CAN do. And SHOULD do. It's what we've been given.

It doesn't say, "if there is someone curious about Jesus... don't proceed. Let the sick cough it out as a testimony to the unbeliever. Talk about jobs instead. Visitors will find that less uncomfortable. Let this be a sign onto you"

I was talking to some teenagers the other day about tongues. Yeah... I'm one of those people. But I'm also a normal human being. How can that be? Because it's part of being a Christian. It's "what we've been given". When you don't know what to pray... the spirit of God prays through us. And sometimes it's in a language I don't speak. Or worse... sounds I sound dumb making.

Romans 8:26
In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.

I was telling the teenagers about this amazing experience about a year ago while praying with some young adults in my living room. I was praying in tongues when one of the girls actually literally understood some of the language that I was speaking! She had moved around a lot as a young girl and spent a good while living in Haiti, speaking Creole.

One of the things I say when I intercede is, (in the spirit of Romans 8:26 as it was just something that God burst out of my spirit, then mouth, without knowing what I was doing)... over and over I'll say "Et Asi" This is what my friend told me:

Et Asi (but there should be an upwards accent on the I)
It means "As it is written", or "As it says in the Word", or "As it is written in the Word"... you know.
Incidentally, it can also mean "Like this" if you say "Commo Asi". Random fact of the day. :)

Wow man. We do what God asks of us... regardless of how it's viewed... because He's God... and it's what we've been given. I think the issue comes down to control. Are we willing to let God direct us and do things the way He wants it... or do we rationalize and use our short-sighted tunnel vision to map the land.

We're Christians ya know. We're free only because we gave our lives to a Jesus who died naked on a cross so that we could have life. He bought our freedom and then gave it back to us to let us choose a life of faith... or stagnation. We don't get to change the rules to fit into our broken-down ,yet somehow culturally relevant, system. He's not that concerned about our foolish appearance. In fact, He can work better that way anyway! He's interested in us doing (and being) what He deems necessary to let him fulfill our obedience prayer of Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven"

22 March 2009

I'd rather have Jesus

The Apostle John saw it all. He was the "Disciple whom Jesus loved". He saw the whole thing. He stayed at the cross. He saw the fire fall. He did the missionary gig. He was thrown in prison. He was boiled in hot oil. I'm not sure you've heard... but life as a Christian wasn't easy for the early church.

Then his friends died on him. Paul was beheaded. Peter was crucified upside down. His buddies. His small group disbanded. Then Jerusalem was ransacked by the Romans and the temple burned down. Shoot. Half a million dead. Gone. Shoot. John experienced growing old... and dying of natural causes... long after the glory days had faded.

John wrote his gospel after the others. Not a heck of a lot of rah rah go and take the world. He finished his gospel just by saying, "I wish I could tell you whole story. Jesus was really something". John loved Jesus because Jesus loved John and he knew that THAT was the only way to make it down the tough, lonely, narrow-road.

If it had been written... I'll bet John would have been singing, "I'd rather have Jesus" as he smiled, slipping into eternity.

20 March 2009

Famous Last Words

I'm going to be speaking on Sunday at Freedom House about Jesus and his famous last words... what we now know as "The Great Commission". His final

"Oh by the way... before I go... just one last thing...!!!!"

So I've been looking into some other people's famous last words. My new favorite is from French Poet Paul Claudel who's famous last words were:

"Doctor, do you think it could have been the sausage?"

Check these out...

What are your favorites?
What would you LIKE yours to be?

19 March 2009

And this is the sound of the underground...

"And this generation prays like a dying man with groans beyond talking, with warrior cries, sulfuric tears, and with great barrow loads of laughter. Waiting. Watching. 24-7-365"

Pete Greig from "The Vision"

It's time Freedom House... but more so... it's time BRANTFORD. It's time to dive into a week of something that's as radical and subversive as it is a simple breathing rhythm. It's doing like Paul told the church in 1 Thessalonians 5:17... "Never stop praying" NLT.

Our week of 24/7 Prayer will begin Sunday March 29th at 11am as the National Leader of 24/7 Prayer Canada Chris Jones with be speaking at Freedom House to kick off what will be a week of change, transformation and expectation!

What happens next is the beautiful part...

You, me... and whomever has a desire to see Brantford transformed... can go to the sign up sheet linked here and sign up for individual hours of time that they will commit to praying in the prayer room at the Freedom House City Center. It will be an entire week of unbroken prayer until we meet again for church on Sunday April 5th. Daria Tomiuk (the National Leader at Large for 24/7 Prayer Canada) will also be joining us for the week as well. She's an amazing girl who is on a prayer journey across Canada right now (check out her blog here) and Brantford The City of God is on her list of stops.

Q: Who is this for?

A: Everyone! You can be a Laurier Student, from a church in town, a curious by-stander, an agnostic wanting to begin a dialogue with "whoever's out there" or from a prayer ministry. The reason the room is open 24/7 is so that YOU can lend your own voice with the flavor of your own voice!

Q: What do I pray... and how do I do it for an hour?

A: There will be various stations set up around the prayer room with music, books, art to inspire... allowing you to create! Or bring your own Bible, music, instrument... or lay on a leather couch in silent meditation by the fire. It's totally up to you. You just simply meet with God and talk to him in your own voice. Every believer has a part to play in the Kingdom of God so how you communicate with God is NECESSARY! Prayer is not for the pros... it's for everyone.

Q: Will we have times to connect as a group?

A: For sure! On Monday night and Friday night, we'll be gathering together in the prayer room for corporate prayer and worship sessions. We'll join our voices together for our city. Also, there will be a computer station in the prayer room where we want you to keep track of what God's saying. We'll be blogging along at (www.freedomhousebrantford.blogspot.com) so you can be praying along with the room as we go during the day!

Q: If someone is already signed up for time slot I'm available... can I still come?

A: Absolutely... the more the merrier. We need to fill all the time slots, so try to find ones that are open TOO. If you've signed up for an hour, that's yours... but you can come by anytime. Sometimes people stay for lunch in the presence of God or hang out and chill until the wee hours. And trust me... when prayer doesn't stop... God stays. If you've never experienced it, you really must.

If you have any other questions... please email me.
dave@freedomhouse.ca or

Check it out at 24/7 Prayer's Canadian website. There are 84 groups in 16 countries praying at this very moment. It's quite something to know that we're joining with SO MANY around the world all simply coming into the presence of God via the name of Jesus. Sign up today.

"Don't you hear them coming?
Herald the weirdo's! Summon the losers and the freaks.
Here come the frightened and forgotten with fire in their eyes. They walk tall and trees applaud, skyscrapers bow, mountains are dwarfed by these children of another dimension. Their prayers summon the hounds of heaven and invoke the ancient dream of Eden.
And this vision will be. It will come to pass; it will come easily; it will come soon."
Pete Greig's "The Vision"

Share this with your friends, on your blogs, on facebook etc...


18 March 2009

Here's something that I think, based on little, that many people won't like

I had a very vivid dream last night (which doesn't happen too often to me). Not every dream means something and I'm not saying this does either. I'm just sayin...

I dreamt that I was at what turned out to be a wedding with two of my ministry friends... sitting beside George W Bush. All of a sudden we were asked to stand and we all began to worship. George threw his arms wide open and worshiped with abandon. He had a large genuine smile on his face. It was... a "I don't have to hold it in to impress people anymore" kinda worship. The pastor then called him up to the altar to pray and prophesy over the couple who were kneeling in the presence of God. George went to town... asked them to stand up and pronounced them man and wife.

I had the sense that this was closed gathering of prophetic people that he was very much a part of... and not just because used to be president.

I think that George Bush is a good man. I think in a few years he will have a gig (that isn't the President of the United States)... and he'll succeed at it. I also have a feeling that George will have a role to play in the building of the Kingdom of God in some way. I don't "agree" with everything he did as President for the record... but he stood up for Godly matters in many unpopular situations, and I never heard a single story doubting the legitimacy and honesty of Bush's relationship with Jesus.

Last night GWB made his first speech after leaving office to a group of businessmen and influencers in Calgary. From the Toronto Star:

...even those who disagreed with Bush said the man knew how to give a good speech.

"It was entertaining. He was a very affable guy, very friendly," said Peter Yates, a Calgary lawyer.

George Fink, CEO of Bonterra Oil and Gas, said not everyone in the crowd was a lover of Bush and his administration.

"He said there were maybe some things he could have done differently," said Fink.

"But overall, he made some sense with his reasons for doing it."

Thankfully there were a group of angry dorks who decided to waste an evening of their lives... by showing up to throw shoes at the person who held the toughest job on earth for 8 years. Bravo dorks. Well played. Now head on back to your parent's basement and continue playing XBox.

Like I said... what I'm saying is based on little more than a God-Hunch. But I feel like the full George Bush story has yet to be told. I think he's now like the rest of us God-followers. He's someone with a destiny and a future... who God wants to use to make Himself famous. I'm going to be a friend to his George W Bush's destiny in prayer.

17 March 2009

Me and my better half: One of those Facebook things

1 .How long have you been together?

We've been together 13 years and 4 months.

2. How long did you know each other before you started dating?

I went to high school with Krissy for 4 years but didn't know who she was at all. Couldn't have picked her out in a crowd. We chatted for about a month before I gave my life to Jesus and we started dating. We would have before that, but we had to make sure we believed the same thing about life first.

3. Who asked who out?

I THINK that it was me who asked her to come over and watch Field of Dreams. It was my test movie. I couldn't be with a girl who didn't get Field of Dreams.

4. Who said I love you first?

I couldn't tell ya. It was likely on the phone late at night though.

5. How old are each of you?

I'm 32 and Krissy is 31

6. Whose siblings do you see the most?

My sister Jen hangs out at our house a lot. We like her. Only bad thing is that that means Celebrities Dancing will be on TV. We'd hang out with all of them lots more we lived closer. We amazing brothers and sisters and (and their spouses) who are our real friends.

7. Do you have any children together?

Do we ever. 3. They are all awesome in their own way.

And we shall have no more of them.


8. What about pets ?

We have enough things that poo in the house already.
See question 7.

9. Did you go to the same schools?

We went to rival elementary schools. OK yes Cedarland DID beat Brier Park at basketball quite a bit. Enough enough. Same high school. We tried to rig it so we went to the same college but no deal. I went to Niagara College and she went to Sheridan.

10. Are you from the same hometown?

More or less. Krissy was born in Montreal... the Burlington... then Brantford.

11. Who is the smartest?

Oh clearly me. Well... If you don't count the times (all the time) where Krissy tells me how things really work in the world of actual humans... and is right. But I'll take her down in a blaze of glory at Trivial Pursuit. That's how you judge smart right?

12. Who is the most sensitive?

There was a time that it would have been a Krissy no-brainer. But I think over time... we're both becoming less sensitive. It's very good. You can actually get things done that way.

13. Where do you eat out most as a couple?

Oh we've been Wendy's addicts for... how long have we been together again? We didn't eat much at our wedding so that we could stop at Wendy's on the drive up to our honeymoon.

14. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

Accra Ghana. The next furthest is Burford Ontario. OK that last part wasn't true. But Burford is the most glamorous.

15. Who has the craziest ex?

Neither... most of our ex's (and there aren't many) are great people and a number of them we count as friends.

16. Who has the worst temper?

Me. No doubt.

17. Who does the cooking?

Lets just say that if there aren't any leftovers for lunch... I'll just eat Peanut Butter. Same goes for breakfast. Dinner actually too if Krissy is gone. Sometimes at night I'll have a Peanut Butter burrito. Krissy does the cooking. It's better that way.

18. Who is the most social?

Krissy is more naturally social than me. In fact she taught me how to interact normally with humans. I'm just louder. Well until "Late Night Krissy" comes out to play. Then all bets are off.

19. Who is the neat-freak?

Neither of us are neat freaks thank you Jesus. But Krissy's "Shoot... we GOTTA clean this place" meter goes off before mine does.

20. Who is the most stubborn?

I think we're both pretty stubborn asses sometimes. We're not afraid to mix it up with each other either. But we've learned to listen to the other in our stubbornness over the years

21. Who wakes up earlier?

Brianna. When you have young kids it's never you who wakes us first. If left to ourselves, I'm not sure who'd wake up first. It's been so long. A young blissful couple must have written this list.

22. Where was your first date?

Watching Field of Dream on my couch. We made out from the time the credits rolled after the "people will come" scene... until James Horner's amazing score finished 5 minutes later.


23. Who has the bigger family?

Krissy has a much bigger extended family... but both of our immediate families are average to smallish.

24. Do you get flowers often?

I give them from time to time. I get them... umm... never. It's not flowers I want. Although I'm partial to tuberous begonias.

25. Who do you spend the holidays with?

We split them up between our families. We like them all!

26. What are your favourite things to do together?

Make fun of things on TV.
Worship, pray, prophesy, mentor, city-take.
Laugh at the kids.

27. Who is more jealous?

No need. We're tight.

28. Who sings better?

I'm a shouting, sing-speaking, Springsteen-wannabe hack. Krissy wins this one.

29. Who does the laundry?

I'm not supposed to touch the washing machine (or other electrical appliances).

30. Who’s better with the computer?

Oh that would be me. I once gave Krissy a lesson on something called "Googling"

31. Who drives when you are together?

I do. Because you see... I'm a man.

32. Who picks where you go to dinner?

This conversation usually goes like:

Dave: "I don't care where we go... you pick"
Krissy: "I don't care where we go... you pick"
Dave: "Seriously... It's up to you"
Krissy: "David just pick somewhere!"
Dave: "But I don't care... I want you to choose"
Krissy: "Sheesh... fine... East Side Mario's"
Dave: "That's too expensive... let do Wendys"
Krissy:" Grrrrrrrrrr...."

33. Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?

Me... but it's usually not sincere... aaaaaaaaaand she knows it.

34. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Over time, we've kinda fallen into "the pants" in our own areas. Personally I don't like physical pants. Metaphorical pants are good. But I have no use for ACTUAL pants. These gams need fresh air.

35. Who eats more sweets?

Krissy is a chocolate woman. Kinda like that chocolate dude from the Axe commercial. In fact this commercial is a very accurate depiction of our everyday life.

36. Who cries more?

Um yes... that would be Krissy.
I do get misty over Braveheart though. Freedooooooooooom!!!!!!!!

37. Are you still together?

Till death do us part. And it better be me that goes first.

The Church may not be from Venus but...

... we do think differently than God.

*** Just for fun, I'm going to translate my man/woman marriage relationship blog from yesterday, into God/Church marriage relationship musings***

Me and God have been reading his word together lately. Turns out it's an excellent, comprehensive, helpful... and very convicting little book.

Last night, me and God were having a "discussion" about connectedness in our marriage. More of a fight really. During our "discussion" I was trying to make my case about why I had the right to worship Him how I wanted. As I was doing it, I was realizing (in real-time) that after a decade of marriage and 13 years of spending most of our minutes together, I still fall into the most basic of traps.

Communicating my love for Him how I think it should work...
not how He wants me to.

It's caused me to stop and evaluate my methodology (or lack of it). I've always known that God wants to be worshiped and to hear the words "I Love You" a lot. I've never understood why, and I know that He doesn't get that. Me and God both have busy lives, and when we don't have time to talk, share our days, talk about feelings... I know we lose that connection.

One of the things His book talks about is that for He shouted it "It is Finished!" and it was. His decision was (and is) made. Then we said YES at the altar of salvation. We meant it then and now! Practically, there seems to be little logic in going over old ground. I mean... we love each other. Case closed right?

It might sound cold, but sometimes I feel like we've got different needs. Why tell me to go into all the world to make disciples (when He knows that it takes a lot of work and time) then keep pestering me for intimacy, communication and worship... and then constantly being in my face with the "I died for you" thing.

The Church: " Um God... I'm an individual who has needs too! How am I supposed to get what I need from this relationship when all you're all over me all the time! What the what?"

See, this is where we have to be humble enough to trust each other and communicate love in the way that our bridegroom needs it. And it's a big risk that we often don't take... because we want control. What if He doesn't reciprocate? What if I give myself to Him and He leaves me hangin? Then I'm the "loser". It sounds childish... but how often do we think this deep down about our worship? Even more... how often do our actions reflect this mindset?

I guess the fact is... God conquered the world, sin and death, then brought home His kill to the church and lay it on our table to show His wife how much He loves Her. So I need to be careful to be mindful of this and honor it. BUT we need to honor it in a way that He likes it.

The reality is that more than anything, He just wants us to spend time with Him... doing things like deciding together if your son should play with Donny down the street or not TOGETHER. He likes that stuff. It makes Him happy that we included Him in our lives. And it's both of our responsibilities in marriage to make sure you we're connected. The reality is that we need it too... because going to sleep without being connected... sucks.

In Ephesians 5: 22-33 God says it's just as if we're married... He cherishes us, evokes our beauty, and pampers us because we're one... just like when lovers come together. He serves us so that we can serve Him. Valuing how God wants to be worshipped more than how WE think we should do it is the only way it works. It's not just Dr Phil psychology jibber jabber. It's scriptural. And it's tough. It takes being intentional and constant evaluation to make sure it's happening.

When you get that "Why aren't we connected?" feeling, it's vital to stop and work it through. Nip it in the bud and right the ship. Little incidental habits are much easier to tweak... than extended period of "Funk".

16 March 2009

Women may not be from Venus but...

... they do think differently than men.

Krissy and I have been reading Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn's duo books called "For Men Only: A straightforward guide to the Inner Lives of Women" and "For Women Only: What you need to know about the inner lives of men". They are a couple of excellent, short, to-the-point, and very convicting little books.

Last night, Krissy and I were having a "discussion" about connectedness in marriage. And during our "discussions" as the words were coming out of my mouth, I was realizing (in real-time) that after a decade of marriage and 13 years of spending most of our minutes together, I still fall into the most basic of traps.

Communicating love how I need it...
not how she needs it.

It's caused me to stop and evaluate my methodology (or lack of it). I've always known that my wife needs to hear the words "I Love You" a lot. I've never understood it. And she doesn't understand that. When we have busy weeks in life (which happens more and more often... with nothing but an escalation in sight) and we don't have much time to talk, share our days, talk about feelings... my wife loses that connection. To guys, it doesn't always work that way.

One of the things this book talks about is that for guys, when a decision is made... it's made. We said YES at the altar and we meant it. Still do. Piratically, there seems to be little logic in going over old ground. It might sound cold (or so I've been told) but to the majority of guys... respect, being desired and sex... are major the connectivity needs. When a guy knows his wife is behind him and their sex life is strong... he feels empowered to take on the world FOR his wife.

Women around the world: " FOR HER? Um Dave... How does being out 4 nights a week away from the kids, coming home tired and wanting to have sex translate into something healthy? What the what?"

This is where we have to be humble enough to trust each other and communicate love in the way that our spouse needs it. And it's a big risk that we often don't make... because we want control. What if they don't reciprocate? Then I'm the "loser" It sounds childish... but how often do we think this deep down? Even more... how often do our actions reflect this mindset?

To me... I'm conquering the world and bringing my kill home to show my wife I love her, so she can be proud of me. Wives need to understand this and make sure to honor this. BUT guys, the reality is that rubbing her feet and deciding together if your son should play with Donny down the street or not together... is what she needs from you. And it's both of our responsibilities in marriage to make sure you that we're connected. Going to sleep without it... sucks.

Far too often we're legitimately TRYING to show love and failing... because we're not speaking your spouse's language. In Ephesians 5, Colossians 3, and 1 Peter 3... the idea of mutual submission to each other is reinforced again and again. Valuing your spouse and their needs more than your own... is the only way it works. It's not just Dr Phil psychology jibber jabber. It's scriptural. And it's tough. It takes being intentional and constant evaluation to make sure it's happening.

When you get that "Why aren't we connected?" feeling, it's vital to stop and work it through. Nip it in the bud and right the ship. Little incidental habits are much easier to tweak... than extended period of "Funk".

15 March 2009

Et le but

8-6 old time hockey shootout last night. Couple of great goals too. Check out Oli Jokinen's, flip over the defenseman and bat out of mid-air goal at 3:45 of the clip. Then Jamal Mayers at 4:41 with a very cool "old school hockey" goal where he blasts a guy on the forcheck and then tips in the point shot.

I miss enjoying the Leafs. Last night's game has had the opposite effect that the country concert a couple of weeks ago had. I would say that I've listened to NOTICEABLY less country music than I did before the show. It was a BIT too honky tonky for my liking. But watching a leaf team score 8 goals against the Flames... has enticed me a bit.

A bit.

14 March 2009

Wait a sec... Wendel doesn't play anymore?

I'm going to the Leaf game tonight for the first time since Halloween night 1999. That night Krissy and I went with our good friends to watch a game in the upper greys at the old building one last time.

I used to love Maple Leaf Gardens. The narrow seats. The asbestos pipes. The way that you felt you were in a heard of cattle after the final horn. I especially loved the atmosphere around Carlton Street on a Saturday before a Hockey Night in Canada match.

I remember spending a day down there once and buying scalper seats at 100$ a pop for center ice seats against the Winnipeg Jets back when Wendel Clark and Tie Domi would be a sure main bout. I sat, legs squished against a man I swear was Diego Maradona, who sweat profusely. Oh the memories.

I used to really enjoy hockey. Now it's barely a passing interest. I blame lots of it on Maple Leaf complete mismanagement for 15 years since my last really exciting hockey moment was the 1993 heart breaker against the Kings. Still should have won the cup that year. I blame the rest of it on plain old change and time.

I'm going to the game tonight with a buddy who I listened to two of those Kings games in 93 with on the radio at a cottage up north while playing poker. Should be a lot of fun... for different reasons than it used to be fun... but fun none the less.

13 March 2009

Kingdom Capitalism

"Dave... I've decided I love watching you offend people"

My friend Sam told me that the other night after seeing me offend yet another person because of a personal option. What can I say, I have a gift.

Last night I was out with a buddy of mine for dinner and our monthly "world domination" spitball session, when I offended a patron at Williams coffee pub. We were talking about the difference between human rights abuse and creative capitalism. I was mentioning that I don't think it's a fair situation that people broad-stroke North American companies that manufacture in Asia as human rights abusers, when sometimes the jobs they bring to places like the Philippines can be descent income providers for families.

It's far from perfect and (yes) abused by many... but there is SO much potential for good if done by people of intentional Kingdom purpose. I began talking about the Creative Capitalism (Like RED) concept that strategizes to bring jobs, industry and income to areas of the third world... AND profits corporate North America in the process.

A passionate guy named Mark was sitting near us and took offense to my line of discussion. Mark interrupted by asking if I'd ever been to The Philippines (which I have). Mark, with moist eyes, told us of his time there. He told his story of how he lost his son and, looking to escape the pain of familiar context, joined his missionary neighbor in a rural part of an island in the Philippines. I'm not entirely sure what Mark did there... but I do know that someone there who he invested time in, died during his stay. Mark personally helped dig the grave and was understandably VERY impacted by the whole thing.

We talked at great length with Mark about world and it's issues and heard each others hearts. It was excellent. When Mark overheard me talking, he assumed that because I think it's OK for companies to make a profit... I was propagating greed and therefore not caring of the plight of people. Far from it. I think there are ways solutions to big problems. And talking on a macro scale has to happen to arrive at them. Unfortunately... it can seem offensive to the Mark's of the world. And thank you Jesus for Mark's. He'll do many things in life that I never will. But we have a world that is bigger than our own personal passion. It's bigger. We all have an interdependent role to play.

My good friend Albert in Ghana told us once that, in his opinion, it's time for North Americans to stop coming to Africa and taking pictures of "starving children" playing soccer in their underwear... for a number of reasons. But mainly because it's now the only image that most of us have of a whole continent. And while yes OF COURSE there are hungry people in Africa... because someone is wearing shorts and no shoes... it doesn't make them miserable. It just makes North American see Africa as a big sick problem. Not a place of potential. What Africa really is, is a beautiful mosaic of passionate, gifted people... gorgeous landscapes... and a combination of untapped and misappropriated wealth.

We need to see that... and act on it.

See... Albert's heart is world domination. He's thinking bigger. He'd love for North American companies, not to just come a take, but come and invest in Africa... it's people, and their destiny... WHILE making money. And in turn... release African missionaries to help infuse hope about a living God and the value of family and morality into our socially rotting culture. That would be a fair trade wouldn't it? According to Time Magazine, Africa being a business destination is the 6th largest thing changing our world right now! (New Calvinism is #3 BTW).

People are already doing this around the world. Are we going capitalize on it for the Kingdom of God or let greed-pirates rape, pillage and plunder? I think that we should coin a new term.

Kingdom Capitalism

Making money. Building nations. Funding ministry. It works here, there, and everywhere. It just takes dreamers, risk-takers and strategist to lead the way. The result is that guys like my new friend Mark will get to do what's really in his heart. And he maybe won't have to dig a grave next time.

12 March 2009

Finally Tonight... Jesus is in my toast, window, tree, ultrasound, cat...

I experience a vast array of emotions as I watch this.

The "I love Jesus, his people, his church and want everyone to know the legitimate freedom that an honest relationship with the living Christ brings" part of me... just feels sad.

The "Pft... (milk coming out of my nose) that's hilarious (as I point and dance around the train wreck)" part of me... snickers with as many people as I can.

In the "Christians need new PR" department... this should be the video they show on orientation day right before serving the orange drink and Triscuit Mini-Pizzas. It's this kind of stuff that makes Christians spend so much time trying to convince people that we're not crazy.

All joking aside (OK that phrase means nothing to me) even though this may look very obscure and most of us find the side-show of people worshiping a piece of Cinnamon toast understandably bizarre... is it much different than Moses going up a mountain for a couple of weeks, and the neighborhood panicking and smelting their earrings together to look like a cow to worship?

My suggestion to you is... that if you ever think Jesus face is on your grilled cheese sandwich... you should stop what you're doing immediately and worship HIM... not your grilled cheese. We were made to worship. And we WILL worship something. Worshiping a living God works out WAAAAY better than worshiping a sandwich. Don't call channel 4. Just put on a Chris Tomlin disc, finish eating your lunch and sing.

PS: My personal favorite Jesus sighting was the window one. I remember actually watching the "And finally tonight..." story about it and the guy sounded like Boomhauer. He kept calling it the "Jesus Winder"

11 March 2009

The word of the day is...

Sullen is a good word.
Well... it's not a GOOD word.
But it's an excellent underused "describing my bad mood" word.

Say it with me...

10 March 2009

Celebrate good times come on?

I've never been much of a celebrator. Can't say why exactly... but I think sometimes my mind can't figure it out rationally. It always seems that there is something more productive that could be done with my time. It's kinda arrogant actually.

Lately I've watched friends go through some hellish situations where there has been room for little else but sadness... and it's by-product emotions. Suddenly... I'm starting to get why we take the time to celebrate the good times. Because they aren't always around.

Good times are our future. God speaks pretty highly of heaven. We SHOULD enjoy the company of family, friends and freedom... it IS our destiny. We SHOULD celebrate a touch of heaven on earth when we get the chance. Hopefully it will remind us of where we're headed during the days where it feels like sadness is going to drown us.

Hope Always.

The coming evangelical collapse | csmonitor.com

The coming evangelical collapse | csmonitor.com

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Interesting article... thoughts?

9 March 2009

"The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear"

"Bono knows exactly what a lot of you think of his social activism and flamboyant freelance diplomacy. But the flip side of that bravado, in "I'll Go Crazy..." — "The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear" — is a running doubt in Bono's lyrics, that he always goes too far ("Stand Up Comedy") and will never be as good as his ideals. The rising-falling effect of the harmony voices around Bono in the long space-walk "Moment of Surrender" is a perfect picture of where he really wants to be, when he gets to the line about "vision over visibility."
Rolling Stone's 5 Star Review of "No Line On The Horizon"

My friend Chris Jones blogged the other day about idealism and how we reconcile it with pragmatism. There is nothing wrong with considering the ramifications of your actions. None whatsoever. In fact, it helps figure out which tall building you're going to scream idealism from the top of.

Is it true that perfect love drives out all fear
The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear
Oh, but a change of heart comes slow
It’s not a hill, it’s a mountain
As you start out the climb
Listen for me, I’ll be shouting
We’re gonna make it all the way to the light
But you now I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight
From "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight"

Earlier in that song, there is a line that says, "every beauty need to go out with an idiot". I LOVE this word picture. As smart as we could ever be... we're still idiots playing little idiotic games. As Christians we are as full of crap as the rest... and sometimes more than most... because we dare to scream "GLORY" from cities on hills.

Then why yell? Because we're supposed to. The rocks will do it if we don't. We MUST shout truth before we see it happen. It's how the Kingdom of God works. You seek him first and THEN you find Him. You (complete fueled by faith since you can't SEE Jesus anymore) go to Jerusalem and spend 40 crazy days with your ridiculous friends in an upper room and wait for the fire to play with you.

I tied myself with wire
To let the horses roam free
Playing with the fire
Until the fire played with me
From "Moment of Surrender"

That's when you start speaking idealist surrender, repentance... love. That's when you'll feel compelled to head into to the streets. That's when you'll go crazy if you don't go crazy.

When the people in town hear you speaking Revolution in their own language, they'll come running. They'll be thunderstruck. They won't be able to figure out what's going on! They'll say, aren't these those Crazy Idealist Dreamers? Their heads will spin. They might even think you're drunk on cheap wine!

That's when you'll say with bold urgency, "Hey, we're not drunk... get your story straight. We haven't had time to get drunk yet! It's only nine o'clock in the morning. Get out while you can; get out of this sick and stupid culture!"

Acts 2

Might sound idealistic, but I'm holding out for idealism. Good is the enemy of best. When the planless, passionate and very unpragmatic Peter did it... 3000 people "signed up" for change. Acts 2:47 says, "People in general liked what they saw. Every day their number grew as God added those who were saved"

I may end up looking like a spaz. But what else is new. The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear.

7 March 2009


Youth retreats are really fantastic things. In 24 hours, a bunch of people... become a "group".

Acts 42"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. 44All the believers were together and had everything in common".

6 March 2009

Leading is more than meets the eye

“Every soul is to be subject to authorities because God has appointed all governing authorities. The origin of all authority goes back to God. . . . Since God has appointed all authorities, we refuse the authority behind them if we dishonor or refuse to submit to them. Whether we know it or not, we resist the ordinance or rule of God. When we oppose God’s delegated authority, we oppose God Himself”
John Bevere from "Under Cover"

I've written it before on this blog and have likely told you about them if we know each other personally. But if you do any kind of ministry at all... stick your neck out (even a little) you're going to get "you're a heretic" cards & letters & emails & heart to hearts & "I heard it from a friend that"'s.

Some come from people who care and are looking to work together to understand truth. And that's great! Others... um... don't. Many come from people who don't know the full story behind the actions of a leader and choose to take them down a peg because of what they feel is better. Sometimes even that can be well meaning... but trust me... leaders hear enough criticism to realize that they aren't always right. Even when things go well... SOMEONE is usually there to remind them why they failed in some area.

Sometimes it feels like your mandate is to make EVERYONE mad in your attempts to lead them to good places. It feels that way because of precedent and it's a dull ache that numbs a leader over time.

Let me give you an example. This is the text from wonderful blog post by Don Miller (the author of Blue Like Jazz) about U2's new album "No line on the horizon". It eloquently shows the many layers of strategy and reason that goes behind an endeavor. Things that the casual observer would likely miss, and fail to think about... but might get critical about because of their personal bent without the burden of the big picture.


I’ve read a number of reviews for No Line on the Horizon, the new release from U2. Some think it’s a masterpiece, others think Bono and the boys must have put it together over the weekend.

The variety of reviews made me wonder what kind of pressure the four kids from Dublin must feel when they step into the studio. And I’m not talking about a fear of the critics. The critics are the least of their worries. Imagine being a 50-year old family man, spokesman for a global aid organization and mediator of peace between dignitaries and also having to pull off this:

• Make sure there are at least two arena songs on the album. Arena songs are anthemic, upbeat songs that drive crowds at large concerts. Why, because U2 is an enormous company with hundreds of employees whose families depend on a world tour. It’s not about Bono, it’s about hundreds of people, and those people are on their minds when they walk into the studio. A subtle and creative album would be nice, but essentially that would mean laying off friends who’ve worked for them for decades and count on them to bring in enormous crowds at their live shows.

• Appeal to every civilized culture on the planet. The album will sell and the tour will travel through the west, for sure, so make sure it’s in touch with American sensibilities (remember the disaster of Lemon, inspired by the underground techno scene all the rage in eastern europe, and a complete miss in the states?) but also English and Irish subtleties. And don’t forget the Italians, the French, the Eastern European countries and the enormous following in Latin America. And make sure every culture feels like the album is a soundtrack for their lives, as varied as those lives may be.

• Distance yourself from the politicians and the pious social work because you keep getting bad press for that stuff. Knock it a bit in the lyrics, but don’t knock it too much because God knows you’re not going to give it up. You’ve established thousands of relationships with dignitaries, and you can’t damage those because the movement you’ve created depends on their support. But fans want escapism, not conformity. They want you to stick it to the man. Give them that feel but don’t actually do it.

• Go ahead and speak your spiritual themes, but don’t get too Christian. It’s uncool. Really uncool. Not that you care but you do. Walk the line between expressing the powerful redemptive themes in your work and translating those themes to a western audience that puts those themes in the box of absurd anti-science and judgmental condemnation. Make people who know Jesus think you’re talking about Jesus but don’t talk about Jesus. And do this with a clean conscious. And mean what you sing.

• Continue to appeal to a young generation you may not understand. These kids are into technology. They Twitter and blog and have the attention span of gnats. They think you’re old because their parents like you. but they’ve got the money, so throw them a bone. The twenty-somethings are all crazy about Radiohead. Thom could piss on a pizza and they’d think he was a genius. Did you hear what Thom did, he pissed on a pizza, they’d say. I know, I heard, he’s so creative. If Bono pissed on a pizza they’d want him to act his age.

• That Joshua Tree record was a masterpiece. And remember that Ach Tung Baby album. I loved that. They both sounded so different. Do it again, or I’m done with you. Thom Yorke just pissed on a pizza.

Is it as good as The Joshua Tree or Ach Tung? Not at all. But the pressures are different. And they haven’t quit the game just yet.

Still, they somehow managed to deliver all of the demands listed above.

Get on Your Boots will work in an arena, as will I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t go Crazy Tonight. Magnificent will get all the Christians talking about what an awesome Christian Bono is. I already received a text message saying it was a classic worship song for the ages. And yet the song never mentions God or Jesus. I can jsut see God in heaven, flattered, holding his chest saying Are they talking about me, lil old me? Bono really is a genius. Stand up Comedy will distance you from the very politicians you are in bed with. The tech-crazy kids are going to love the “Restart and re-boot yourself, Password, you enter here” lines in Unknown Caller. That or they’ll think they’re trying too hard to relate. At least they’re trying.

Is there obvious strategy in this album? Yes, and unfortunately it shows. Some of the authenticity gets lost. So does some passion and some soul. But there are glimpses.

Moment of Surrender sounds like a U2 we can look forward to when they quit the game. And if that’s what we can look forward to, we are in for some great music. It’s scotch on the rocks music, the sort of song you listen to and remember that time when you screwed up your entire life. That one thing you did. And I’ll Go Crazy is a text message from a friend about needing to blow some steam, and those are great text messages, aren’t they? Cedars of Lebanon souds like Bono is narrating Adam’s base line, like the words are the low bounce and Bono is just translating. No Line on the Horizon, the title track would play perfectly in a club in Memphis, and music out of Memphis plays well in the whole world. It always has.

Will the critics critique? Sure. But in doing so they fail to remember being a rock-star is a job. You’re the frontman and the CEO. You’re the Executive Committee.

What do I think of the album?

I think they did a great job.


Obviously Bono is not your spiritual authority. But leadership is more than meets the eye... and most people won't ever know ALL the reasons behind their decisions. And most of the time, there is no need to explain the whole thing. This is why it's so important to err on the side of trusting leaders. Encourage them... because are anointed to deal the with the big picture for the freedom and benefit of many.

John Bevere's book "Under Cover" referenced at the top of the blog paints a very bleak picture of those who bash leaders. It's one of the most blunt and challenging books I've ever read.

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