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10 March 2009

Celebrate good times come on?

I've never been much of a celebrator. Can't say why exactly... but I think sometimes my mind can't figure it out rationally. It always seems that there is something more productive that could be done with my time. It's kinda arrogant actually.

Lately I've watched friends go through some hellish situations where there has been room for little else but sadness... and it's by-product emotions. Suddenly... I'm starting to get why we take the time to celebrate the good times. Because they aren't always around.

Good times are our future. God speaks pretty highly of heaven. We SHOULD enjoy the company of family, friends and freedom... it IS our destiny. We SHOULD celebrate a touch of heaven on earth when we get the chance. Hopefully it will remind us of where we're headed during the days where it feels like sadness is going to drown us.

Hope Always.

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