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17 March 2009

The Church may not be from Venus but...

... we do think differently than God.

*** Just for fun, I'm going to translate my man/woman marriage relationship blog from yesterday, into God/Church marriage relationship musings***

Me and God have been reading his word together lately. Turns out it's an excellent, comprehensive, helpful... and very convicting little book.

Last night, me and God were having a "discussion" about connectedness in our marriage. More of a fight really. During our "discussion" I was trying to make my case about why I had the right to worship Him how I wanted. As I was doing it, I was realizing (in real-time) that after a decade of marriage and 13 years of spending most of our minutes together, I still fall into the most basic of traps.

Communicating my love for Him how I think it should work...
not how He wants me to.

It's caused me to stop and evaluate my methodology (or lack of it). I've always known that God wants to be worshiped and to hear the words "I Love You" a lot. I've never understood why, and I know that He doesn't get that. Me and God both have busy lives, and when we don't have time to talk, share our days, talk about feelings... I know we lose that connection.

One of the things His book talks about is that for He shouted it "It is Finished!" and it was. His decision was (and is) made. Then we said YES at the altar of salvation. We meant it then and now! Practically, there seems to be little logic in going over old ground. I mean... we love each other. Case closed right?

It might sound cold, but sometimes I feel like we've got different needs. Why tell me to go into all the world to make disciples (when He knows that it takes a lot of work and time) then keep pestering me for intimacy, communication and worship... and then constantly being in my face with the "I died for you" thing.

The Church: " Um God... I'm an individual who has needs too! How am I supposed to get what I need from this relationship when all you're all over me all the time! What the what?"

See, this is where we have to be humble enough to trust each other and communicate love in the way that our bridegroom needs it. And it's a big risk that we often don't take... because we want control. What if He doesn't reciprocate? What if I give myself to Him and He leaves me hangin? Then I'm the "loser". It sounds childish... but how often do we think this deep down about our worship? Even more... how often do our actions reflect this mindset?

I guess the fact is... God conquered the world, sin and death, then brought home His kill to the church and lay it on our table to show His wife how much He loves Her. So I need to be careful to be mindful of this and honor it. BUT we need to honor it in a way that He likes it.

The reality is that more than anything, He just wants us to spend time with Him... doing things like deciding together if your son should play with Donny down the street or not TOGETHER. He likes that stuff. It makes Him happy that we included Him in our lives. And it's both of our responsibilities in marriage to make sure you we're connected. The reality is that we need it too... because going to sleep without being connected... sucks.

In Ephesians 5: 22-33 God says it's just as if we're married... He cherishes us, evokes our beauty, and pampers us because we're one... just like when lovers come together. He serves us so that we can serve Him. Valuing how God wants to be worshipped more than how WE think we should do it is the only way it works. It's not just Dr Phil psychology jibber jabber. It's scriptural. And it's tough. It takes being intentional and constant evaluation to make sure it's happening.

When you get that "Why aren't we connected?" feeling, it's vital to stop and work it through. Nip it in the bud and right the ship. Little incidental habits are much easier to tweak... than extended period of "Funk".

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