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12 March 2009

Finally Tonight... Jesus is in my toast, window, tree, ultrasound, cat...

I experience a vast array of emotions as I watch this.

The "I love Jesus, his people, his church and want everyone to know the legitimate freedom that an honest relationship with the living Christ brings" part of me... just feels sad.

The "Pft... (milk coming out of my nose) that's hilarious (as I point and dance around the train wreck)" part of me... snickers with as many people as I can.

In the "Christians need new PR" department... this should be the video they show on orientation day right before serving the orange drink and Triscuit Mini-Pizzas. It's this kind of stuff that makes Christians spend so much time trying to convince people that we're not crazy.

All joking aside (OK that phrase means nothing to me) even though this may look very obscure and most of us find the side-show of people worshiping a piece of Cinnamon toast understandably bizarre... is it much different than Moses going up a mountain for a couple of weeks, and the neighborhood panicking and smelting their earrings together to look like a cow to worship?

My suggestion to you is... that if you ever think Jesus face is on your grilled cheese sandwich... you should stop what you're doing immediately and worship HIM... not your grilled cheese. We were made to worship. And we WILL worship something. Worshiping a living God works out WAAAAY better than worshiping a sandwich. Don't call channel 4. Just put on a Chris Tomlin disc, finish eating your lunch and sing.

PS: My personal favorite Jesus sighting was the window one. I remember actually watching the "And finally tonight..." story about it and the guy sounded like Boomhauer. He kept calling it the "Jesus Winder"


chrisfriel.ca said...

I think the toast Jesus actually looks like Marlene Dietrich...although, I've never seen toast Jesus and Dietrich in the same room together

Patti said...



Dave Carrol said...

Oh yes... Cheesus. Inspiring isn't it?

pete wilson said...


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