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22 March 2009

I'd rather have Jesus

The Apostle John saw it all. He was the "Disciple whom Jesus loved". He saw the whole thing. He stayed at the cross. He saw the fire fall. He did the missionary gig. He was thrown in prison. He was boiled in hot oil. I'm not sure you've heard... but life as a Christian wasn't easy for the early church.

Then his friends died on him. Paul was beheaded. Peter was crucified upside down. His buddies. His small group disbanded. Then Jerusalem was ransacked by the Romans and the temple burned down. Shoot. Half a million dead. Gone. Shoot. John experienced growing old... and dying of natural causes... long after the glory days had faded.

John wrote his gospel after the others. Not a heck of a lot of rah rah go and take the world. He finished his gospel just by saying, "I wish I could tell you whole story. Jesus was really something". John loved Jesus because Jesus loved John and he knew that THAT was the only way to make it down the tough, lonely, narrow-road.

If it had been written... I'll bet John would have been singing, "I'd rather have Jesus" as he smiled, slipping into eternity.

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