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14 March 2009

Wait a sec... Wendel doesn't play anymore?

I'm going to the Leaf game tonight for the first time since Halloween night 1999. That night Krissy and I went with our good friends to watch a game in the upper greys at the old building one last time.

I used to love Maple Leaf Gardens. The narrow seats. The asbestos pipes. The way that you felt you were in a heard of cattle after the final horn. I especially loved the atmosphere around Carlton Street on a Saturday before a Hockey Night in Canada match.

I remember spending a day down there once and buying scalper seats at 100$ a pop for center ice seats against the Winnipeg Jets back when Wendel Clark and Tie Domi would be a sure main bout. I sat, legs squished against a man I swear was Diego Maradona, who sweat profusely. Oh the memories.

I used to really enjoy hockey. Now it's barely a passing interest. I blame lots of it on Maple Leaf complete mismanagement for 15 years since my last really exciting hockey moment was the 1993 heart breaker against the Kings. Still should have won the cup that year. I blame the rest of it on plain old change and time.

I'm going to the game tonight with a buddy who I listened to two of those Kings games in 93 with on the radio at a cottage up north while playing poker. Should be a lot of fun... for different reasons than it used to be fun... but fun none the less.

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