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1 April 2009

Punk Monks at your service

Here's what happens when you Google News "Brantford"

From Today's Brantford Expositor:

"This week at the Freedom House City Center in the Market Square Mall, there are people praying for Brantford and it's residents, around the clock. 24/7. Why in the world would we do that? Because we believe our city is a great city with a prosperous future... and sometimes we don't have all the answers about how to get where we want to go. Sometimes a little help from above sure can't hurt. In fact, often it can make all the difference.

24/7 Prayer is an ancient, and recently revived International movement of people passionate to see communities changed from it's core out. It's impact comes on a number of levels. First, anyone from Brantford who would like the chance to pray with the freedom to express themselves in whatever style they communicate (loud music, art, dancing, meditation, writing, quiet reflection by the fire) is welcome to come and experience a non-stop room of dialog at the Freedom House City Center... any time this week. It's a personally transforming experience that, in turn, changes our city because hope comes alive again. Hope of "what could be". Hope that Brantford can be everything it was meant to be.

When the Colborne Street is filled with hopeful, passionate dreamers... it will never be the same.

Secondly, we are offering the services of a group of Punk Monk's to the city of Brantford. If there is something that you'd sleep better knowing people who care are praying about... 24/7... please email me (dave@freedomhouse.ca). We believe Brantford has a destiny of greatness that includes us all. Seeing Brantford starting to be prepared to work, serve, give, pray and do our individual part until this happens, encourages me. It tells me that the dream is not as far as it once seemed"

I've already been getting email from people who are desperate for God to intervene. Thing is that we're quite inept at being God. He's good at it. We have to believe that God hears when we cry out to him... AND we have to be ready to go there for other too.

Matthew 9: A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman
18While he was saying this, a ruler came and knelt before him and said, "My daughter has just died. But come and put your hand on her, and she will live." 19Jesus got up and went with him, and so did his disciples.

20Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak. 21She said to herself, "If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed."

22Jesus turned and saw her. "Take heart, daughter," he said, "your faith has healed you." And the woman was healed from that moment.


Valorosa said...

It's great to say all this and reiterate what the Word says but what about these things actually happening.
When was the last time you saw the dead raised or a really serious 'permanent' illness healed?
Is it us?
Is it our attitudes?
Is it our self centredness?
Is it the motives of our hearts?
What is it about us that God with holds these things from us?
Just wondering ... a long time question I have had ;-)

I just wish I could see better.

Johnny said...

Go Punk Monks!


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